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When you’re trying to outrun the retched remains of humanity on your way to Bartertown you just can’t pack that much gear. The ATAX multi-purpose survival axe will likely give you the most bang for your survival buck. With this little wonder you can cut down a tree, shoot an arrow at a deer, skin that deer, tell time, and estimate distance, as well as single-handedly rebuild a just and noble human civilization.*

Badass survivalist Ron Wood, whose badassedness rivals that of even Chuck Norris himself, designed the ATAX. You can either use it as a knife or lash it to a stick and use it like an axe. The high-carbon steel main blade measures 4-1/2″ with the tool’s overall length coming in at 5-1/2″.

With the various metrics laser-etched on the blade, you can tell time (like with a sundial), measure angles, and judge distances. With some slingshot tubing, you can turn the ATAX into an arrow launcher for hunting game. The micarta handle conceals a small storage area for various survival items like matches and twine and MacGyver brand paper clips.

If you can’t remember all the uses, the ATAX actually comes with an instructional DVD to show you how to use it. As Mad Max can tell you, survival doesn’t come cheap — the ATAX runs about $150 to $200.

ATAX [Survival.com]
ATAX on sale [OsoGrandeKnives.com]
ATAX on sale [Hoods Woods]

*Your results may vary.


40 Responses to What Do You Get The Last Guy On Earth For His Birthday?

  1. You had me until you said $150 to $200…

    • STeeL says:

      If you think about it, there are some regular knives out there that are a lot more costly. One would wonder why there’s a price variance between 150 and 200 anyway. Maybe one can get it cheaper? And especially great any way you look at it for hunting. …I’ve spent more money on Yugioh cards, sadly.

  2. FredB says:

    This looks just ridiculous.

  3. Frank Townend says:

    “…tell time…” If you are the last person on earth, this may not be its most useful function.

    • samson says:

      its important to know how many hours of daylight you have left while traveling on foot so you can allow yourself enough time to set up camp

  4. MikeT says:

    I think I prefer Tom Brown’s Tracker Knife for reasons of simplicity, but I really like the markings.

  5. Psmoker says:

    A sundial? So the last man on Earth doesn’t miss any appointments. LOL. Cool tool, nonetheless.

  6. Jason says:

    Best survival tool money can buy: http://tinyurl.com/72qdy

  7. Choocher says:

    You slender lily men demonstrate why the apocalypse is long-overdue. I’ll take one gross of your fine tool, sir, then I’ll be skinning Fred B. and having his liver for lunch.

  8. Wolf Kazumaru says:

    “When you’re trying to outrun the retched remains of humanity on your way to Bartertown you just can’t pack that much gear.” Oh lawd, is that a Post-Nuke Comic reference?

    Seriously though, I like the knife.

  9. Eric Dykstra says:

    Post-Nuke Comic reference?! You Sir need to acquaint yourself with Mel Gibson’s magnum opus!

    Also, one needs to know what time it is so you can get to cover before the radioactive zombies hit the streets. It’s basic zombie apocalypse survival technique! Come on people!

    Zombie Repellent: http://tinyurl.com/38qshh

    Required Reading: http://tinyurl.com/28gy3

  10. Wolf Kazumaru says:

    Ah, right. I should’ve gotten that. Probably didn’t because I haven’t seen any of the Mad Max movies in years…

    That and I was reading Post-Nuke earlier. Bloody love that comic…

    Seriously though, I’d kill for/with that knife.

  11. Maffiou says:

    Nice but dear…
    You also have to remember to take your DVD player. TV and generator with you before getting lost…

  12. Jack Danials says:

    So… I think this is a great “survival” tool, many functions in a small package. I do however find it abit absurd to need or have any desire to know the time of day. I don’t really need to make it back to the cave or hut by any certain time do I? None the less, I wouldn’t mind having one for my 4X4, just don’t care for the “bend me over” price of it.

  13. The price seems pretty reasonable for a small production run custom knife with such a spiffy design. I mean, I know people who’ve paid $400 for a 3″ pocket knife. This is a bargain looked at through that lens.

    Dunno what the manufacturing costs are, but I suspect the maker isn’t getting rich on this.

  14. tmib_seattle says:

    Looks like a pretty cool item. Knowing the time of day might not be super useful in a true “survival” situation, but honestly, if you’re spending that kind of money on a tool, odds are it’s going to see quite a bit of use before it ever gets to a survival situation.

    And knowing the time of day can be useful- if the supply plane drops it’s parachute of gear to you at 3:00 on the 25th, you’ll probably want to be there to get it.

    Taking sightings and measuring angles can be useful too. I used to have a Buck General that I’d modified; I drilled a hole in the hand guard to use as a rear sight (the tip of the blade became the front sight) and etched a clinometer into the side of the blade. By dropping a plumb line and sighting down the back of the blade, I could measure the heights of trees very accurately, tell distances, etc.

    I’m curious what the other features on this tool are. I’m tempted to forge up one a little more tailored to my own use.


  15. attn: Eric….

    please be advised that the Designer of the ATAX, proper last name spelling is….

    With thanks,
    M. Fuller

  16. Psmoker says:

    $200 (gulp)! I think I’ll wait to see if I am indeed the last man on Earth. If so, I’ll stroll into the local Cabella’s and take what I need. In fact, I’ll probably just move in there.

  17. Realcatchy says:

    If he is the last guy on Earth then how would you be there to buy him a gift? Save your money and buy a Gerber EOD model multi tool and a 6″ heavy fixed blade.

  18. Eric Dykstra says:


    i was trying to be funny…i’ll try harder next time.

  19. filip says:

    noone will rival the norris! he is a God among men!

  20. manitobagold says:

    Interesting tool. I wonder how it would stand up in the Canadian North during winter and – 40 c temperatures, especially if you were to lash it to a stick and use it as an axe. Of course the last man would be more interested in some place warmer and it wouldn’t be crowded.

  21. Davy says:

    “Jason Says:

    January 10th, 2008 at 9:17 pm
    Best survival tool money can buy: http://tinyurl.com/72qdy

    Um…. yeah, right. Described on that website, “to perform daily tasks such as pounding tent stakes, driving nails, opening ration cans and digging foxholes, not to mention defending lives.”

    God help you if you don’t have something to pound nails and open cans when you’re lost in the wilderness….

  22. outlawcrank says:

    Badass survivalist Ron Wood, whose badassedness rivals that of even Chuck Norris himself, :CHUCK NORRIS? ARE WE SPEAKING ON THE SUBJECT OF LOW-BUDGET MARTIAL ARTS/MILITARY FILMS? NEXT:With some slingshot tubing, you can turn the ATAX into an arrow launcher for hunting game.:with some slingshot tubing TED NUGENT (who’s badassedness surpasses your hero Braddock) can also make an arrow launcher out of a stick( which happens to be free) – – – even still i can see many uses you haven’t list.it would be great for hacking into that hundred gram rock. especially since the blade is a high carbon compound and will not effected by the acidic deterioration that usually accompanies the use of metalics for this.And don’t even get me started on the secret stash area in the handle.when you’re packing this much crank around it’s worth a few hundred to come with a blade attached to the most rediculous hiding spot in the world(which also make it the last place anyone would look)

  23. Sensiblelastmanonearth says:

    Being the last person on earth, surrounded by total loneliness and utter destruction, sounds like one of the cruelest fates imaginable.

    If I was truly the last man on earth, I wouldn’t want this knife. I would want a bottle of pills that I could gulp down, fall asleep with, and end my life painlessly and respectfully.

  24. PutnamEco says:

    Who is buying that last mans gift? Nobody said how many women left.

  25. tim says:

    “What Do You Get The Last Guy On Earth For His Birthday? ”
    The last girl on earth. No wait….Anything he wants.

  26. Bro B says:

    Save your money, once the apocalypse hits these, as well as any other tool you want, will be laying around everywhere for free.

  27. Hefty pricetag, but this looks like a really good tool to have in a pinch.

  28. Alex Briner says:

    This is actually a terrible tool for any outdoorsman, all the experts agree and not even Ron Hood uses this, none of his followers use it, and most of the people in the world of survival actually laugh at this “knife”.
    Ron Hood is a very knowledgeable man and knows what he is doing when it comes to survival, not many people can top him, but this is NOT a useful tool, ask him what he would rather use, a coldsteel SRK, or this thing. a 5-6 inch full tang carbon steel knife will be alot more useful in the bush than this silly tool, yes, it does alot of things but it does none of them well.

  29. Mike says:

    Does dozens of things. None correctly.

  30. minute man says:

    well actually frank town time could be very essential in a survival situation considering a lot of predators prefer to hunt at night and it is also a lot more difficult to navigate in the dark so getting back to camp could be crucial in a survival situation

  31. I have one and love it! I put some firestarter tabs, p38 can opener, and more (mini survival kit) in the handle. It even works as an inclinometer, range finder, sun compass, launches arrows with sling shot slings, and more.

  32. The H says:

    What, no compass? No built-in firesteel? No blender with solar charger? Ugh.

    I’d rather have a decent, simple knife and a small handful of other items, all totaling under about $50, any day.

  33. jerry says:

    Give me a $15 Ontario Knife made US issue machete over this any day.

  34. Mack Williams says:

    This is wannabe crapshit. Wouldn’t own one if that gave it to me. Wanna good campfire laugh where REAL survivor types hangout, if so pull out this POS. What idiot came up with this. That knife type edge is gone in no time, wrong grind and is it differentially hardened as any axe has to be to last and not beat the s— out of the user.RC hardness is not an issue with axes, anywhere in the mid to high thirtys through low to mid fortys is jus fine for an axe. Don’t inflate this idiots ego or part with hard earned money. A better axe, even the really expensive Nordic made ones are cheaper than this POS

  35. james says:

    a boy and his dog

  36. Jim Harrison says:

    The Atax was designed by Ron hood the original bushcraft and survival instructor. I wouldn’t expect the johnny come lately zombie apocalypse douchebags like mack Williams to even know who he was. Here’s to all the memories of Ron Hood and all the “Hoodlums” out there!
    We love you Mrs Karen Hood!
    Oldtrapper 724

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