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With the right attachment, Paratech’s Airgun 40SC can punch through concrete, smash locks, and cut through metal at a rate of 600 blows/minute. That’s pretty damn cool. But what’s even cooler? It’s portable – perfect for forced entry in firefighting.

Paratech claims that by drawing 5.3 cubic feet per minute of air from its 13 cubic foot tank, the Airgun can smash away for up to 15 minutes of intermittent use — or you can go full throttle for about two and half minutes. That’s quite a while for such a small tank, achievable because the Airgun only consumes air on the power stroke. Of course, when you empty the tank, just hook it up to an air line to keep on pounding.

With a street price of $6,405, you may not run out to grab one of these with your post-Xmas gift cards, but you can check out Paratech’s website for some pictures of it in action.

Paratech [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Safetyfirstweb.com]


One Response to It’s Just Cool: Air Hammer On The Go

  1. Robert H says:

    Yikes! Anyone else seen “No Country For Old Men”, in which a character uses his portable air hammer to open locks and, ahem, for other, grimmer, purposes?

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