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Granite Surface Plate

If you do any kind of machining or part-making, you need to check your accuracy on an absolutely flat surface, like this 24″x24″ black granite surface plate from Grizzly. For only $110 you get a grade B, non-magnetic, abrasive-resistant, corrosion- and warp-resistant, easy to clean surface with a +/- tolerance of .00015 inches. The plate weighs 234 lbs, so you’ll pay around $100 for shipping — but even for $210 it’s a sweet deal.

24″ x 24″ Granite Plate [Grizzly]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


4 Responses to Dealmonger: Granite Surface Plate For $110

  1. I have read about people acquiring sizeable granite blocks for low cost from gravestone carvers who can’t use the smaller pieces.

    Also, I wonder if glass would be a suitable but cheap alternative.

  2. Kor says:

    For lesser needs (smaller surface area) try the following from Lee Valley:
    It’s a 9″x12″x2″ granite block with high tolerances. It’s $31.50 plus shipping. I use it for holding wet/dry sandpaper when sharpening chisels. It’s heavy, but not so heavy as to be a pain to move around and use.

  3. Nick Carter says:

    Often granite plates go relatively cheap at auction, and you don’t have to pay shipping, although you do have to haul the damn thing.

    I bought my 2’x2′ Doall grade A surface plate at the local university surplus sale, where it was marked as “granite tile”.

    But it is an essential in my shop as the basis for most measuring, reverse engineering and scribing operations. I use a smaller one I bought used for sanding as Kor says. Very handy.

    Glass and gravestones will work, but they aren’t as accurate, if it really matters…

  4. Legodude says:

    Woodcraft has a 9×12, ‘A’ for $31 so if one is local no shipping…

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