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Dead-On quietly released an “ultimate wrecking bar,” the Annihilator, designed in response to the “dysfunctional” utility bars already on the market. We couldn’t dig up many details, but from the looks of it, the Annihilator is intended for nail pulling, demo work, lumber tweaking, chiseling, and killing vampires.

I couldn’t find the Annihilator at any local retailers, but a handful of online distributors list it. You can get it for $39 plus shipping via Dead-On’s direct store.

Dead-On claims the Annihilator is vastly superior to Stanley’s FUBAR lineup. Does anyone here think the Annihilator stands a chance? Let us know in comments.

Press Release [Pull’R]
Storefront [Dead-On]


16 Responses to Hot or Not? Dead-On Annihilator

  1. SuperJdynamite says:

    It kind of reminds me of the Knife-Wrench

  2. twothirds says:

    killing vampires???

    If that thing was for killing vampires, it would be made of wood!

  3. McAngryPants says:

    untested…so…unknown. However, I can say that the FUBAR gives me a warm happy feeling every time I pick it up and hit something with it.

  4. PutnamEco says:

    Looks Hot (I don’t own one yet) It looks to me to be a demolition version of the Tweaker. I like the difference in the angle of the “board grabber” less chance of smashing fingers when wrenching studs from walls.
    I’m not so sure about the handle end though. I think that I might prefer a straight split chisel end, like a regular wrecking bar, or maybe a cats paw like end.

  5. Wayne D. says:

    This thing looks like it would make a good urban entrenchment tool for the military.

  6. Psmoker says:

    Correct, twothirds. That sucker will not work on vampires. But I’ll bet it’d make quick work of my mother-in-law.

  7. Crete says:

    I bought this tool at The Home Depot in Racine, WI. It absolutely rocks! This is one bad wrecking bar. I used to own the Fubar and it was just to awkward to swing when doing demo on additions. This tool has a great feel and balance to it. I love the fact that I can pull bolts at the bottom of walls with it.

    I also bought the Dead On steel hammer and gave it a try(also at Racine, WI Depot). Great swing on this steel hammer. Same price as Estwing and alot more hammer. I like their tools!

  8. Brewhore says:

    I saw one in the Home Depot a few days ago, gave it a few test swings, and had to buy it. Haven’t had the opportunity to use all of the functions yet, but I can say that the bottle opener is top notch. Really, nothing says the ultimate demolition bar like not having to look around for an opener for your beer after a full day of tearing things apart.

  9. Sean Bullock says:

    i love mine. these men definitely have the right attitude

  10. Justin says:

    I got mine today and my partner bought a fubar… the annihilator is obviously the cooler and more functional, so I bought it because i needed to tear up a tile floor anyways and i wanted to use it. It BROKE IN HALF, when i hit the tile after about 5 minutes… I was heart broken, went straight back to home depot and they exchanged it…. i though it had to be a fluke… within 5 minutes it broke again. i still want it damn it. it is way too cool. i am going to have to call Dead On tomo and see whats up

  11. kyle says:

    I think it just looks cool and if I buy it and it breaks I will return it for a new one to hang up and scare people with

  12. Any further luck, Justin? I just picked one up to test.

  13. colby haggerty says:

    i have it and bought it at home depot for $30 it works great best tool i have ever used

  14. DemoMan says:

    I just had my wife pick me up one while she was out. As soon as it hit my hands I knew this tool means business. Demoing an all tile bath in the morning and a porch in the after noon. I have high hopes!!!

  15. JNL says:

    Awesomely effective at wanton destruction. My only complaint is gouging myself on the point a few times while bashing on things in close quarters. It comes with a little rubber guard for the point, which naturally gets lost the first time you use the tool. I don’t see how you could put it anywhere else on the tool though.

  16. nevin says:

    to bad they don’t make the stiletto utility bar anymore… they are lightweight and tough…

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