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If you’ve ever wanted to cut up some wood without being tied down to an electrical outlet, Bosch has what you need — a cordless miter saw featuring the fantastic 18V BlueCore battery technology. You can make about 100 cuts in 1″x6″ pine on a single charge, and the battery juices back up in an hour. Bosch thoughtfully offers the saw in a “B” version, without battery and charger.

Street pricing for the 3918 is about $290, or you can get the 3918B for about $220. What will the folks at Bosch think of next?

Bosch 3918 Miter Saw [Bosch]
Bosch 3918B (sans battery) [Bosch]
3918 Street Price [Google Products]
3918B Street Price [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


9 Responses to Bosch Cordless Miter Saw

  1. blitzcat says:

    I blew out my miter saw this weekend- smoked the motor, so I’m in the market.
    Yet paying twice as much for cordless doesn’t appeal. This is something you mount on a bench (with permanent power) or you run all day long on a site. Batteries miss the mark on this one.

  2. Rob says:

    Ryobi had one like this as well

    if makita had one for the lion setup I would grab it for sure would be perfect for doing laminate floors and stuff like that and really that price is not bad I have paid more than that for a good corded one

  3. Ironically, at less than $300, this is still quite a bit cheaper than most of Bosch’s corded miter saw lineup.

  4. Julian Tracy says:

    I’ve had the 24 volt version of this saw for 2 years now – it’s identical, just takes the larger batteries. (But mine also accepts the 18volt batteries that I have)

    It weighs 24lbs and is very compact. Has enough power to cut through 2×4’s, but if you start trying to cut bevels or angles on 2x material, it pushes it a bit.

    I have a Dewalt 718 12″ slider and I use this little Bosch more than that. I disagree with the previous poster that said that batteries are not a good idea for a miter saw.

    This sucker is so darn handy for base and case, pvc pipe, EVERYthing! It’s so nice to be able to pull it out of the trailer and make a few cuts just like that. It’s small enough that I actually hang it on the wall of my trailer with the Dewalt clamps (for the Dewalt mitersaw stand) on it.

    If you were a glass installer, where you’d be cutting tons of aluminum extrusion – it’s be the ticket.

    Cannot go wrong with it – and I paid a bit more for it back in the day.

    Very handy and nicely designed.


  5. I have to say julian is right “great investment” i own the 24v bosch as well
    And we use the bosch for small trim and base etc. this saw is truley amazing ,so light ,compact ,it was money well spent I will be buying another for back up now that i found out bosch discontinued this item Also im glad i stopped in and read this blog because i learned i can use the 18v thanks to julian hope it wont mess my saw up but i will do some research on this …question how long have you been swapping back and forth from 18-24v with your miter julian and do you notice a differance in performance other than the run time..

  6. kevin says:

    Why are they selling this saw every where w/out the batt?

  7. SHAWN says:

    anybody got one for sale?

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