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Magic Mitre

In a perfect world every corner in a room would be a perfect 90° angle. Anyone who’s ever installed crown molding in an old house knows it’s not a perfect world. The Magic Mitre helps you make custom inside and outside mitre cuts for odd joints that would otherwise require some fudging.

You adjust the Magic Mitre’s adjustable template to fit against the angle that’s being cut for, then lock the template into the workpiece holders. You don’t need to take any other measurements. After the device is locked in place and the template is removed, you can make a perfect cut for the corner being worked on.

Though it’s definitely an “AS SEEN ON TV” gadget, it could save your sanity if you’re pulling your hair out refinishing an old house. QVC.com offers it for $54. Street pricing is as low as $20.

Magic Mitre [Corporate Site]
Street Price [Google Products]


9 Responses to A Magic Mitre Box For An Imperfect World

  1. rbb says:

    That $20 price above is for a refurbished unit…

  2. Frank Townend says:

    Can’t say yea or nay on this one, but I’ll give them credit for providing extensive hints and tips on their Web site. Coupled with fairly extensive product demos it looks like it might be worth it if you wanted “quick and dirty” or don’t have the necessary experience.

  3. Frank Townend says:

    One other point I forgot to add is mitred corners can shrink exposing the joint. Coping these joints would be better, again based on your skill level.

    Or: http://www.amazon.com/EasyCoper-Crown-molding-coping-tool/dp/B0009XFN50

  4. Jay says:

    Had my magic mitre for some time and i must admit, this kit has saved me so much time and money. Yes it is made of plastic but is of a very strong and durable material. It has 4 saw guides which are designed to ware over a period of time and are designed to be rotated once they are worn. These can also be purchased seperately. Coving and Cornice is a nightmare to cut and install at the best of times, but the magic mitre holds the material at the correct inclined angle for different sizes of material. The most important thing is that this tool is the only one i’ve come across that sets to the exact same angle/shape of your corners, (as we all know, not one corner in a house will be the same angle). I have on occasions referred back to the online video demonstration of the magic mitre. I still refer back to them on occasions as this tool has so many applications of use.

  5. brad van loon says:

    looking for replacement parts. 2)locking assemblies and 1) cam locking arm

  6. brad van loon says:

    looking for replacement parts for the magic mitre )2 locking wingnut assemblies and 1) cam locking arm

  7. Alice says:

    where can I purchase the magic mitre in the USA?

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