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Fallen trees provide a great source of cheap wood.  I cruise the areas around my home looking for them in yards or chopped up in the garbage pile out front. You’d be surprised what can come from an ugly, old, dead tree. Toolmonger reader and Flickr pool member shelbymay posted this great pic of a new coffee table made in large part from a felled ash tree.

My first real furniture project. I cut the top out of a white ash tree that fell. I used a #3 or 4 hand plane to smooth out the top. It was quite rough from the chain saw. I left the bottom rough. Hand planing something this large takes a lot out of you.

Great job on the planing. The semi-rough nature of the top makes a great conversation piece, and we like being able to see what the other parts looked like before shelbymay applied some major TLC.

Toolmonger’s Photo Pool [Flickr]


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