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Freud's Quadra-Cut Router Bits

Router bit manufacturers must be taking a cue from the razor blade companies — more blades are better. First there were two-wing bits, then triple-wing bits, and now Freud has come out with the Quadra-Cut bit. Freud claims the new Quadra-Cut bits leave a surface that requires no sanding or reworking – even in cross grain cuts.

Freud designed the router bit so two of the carbide cutters have an upshear angle and the other two have a downshear angle. The upshear cutters remove most of the wood, while the downshear cutters finish the cut. Freud manufactures the cutters from exclusive TiCo hi-density carbide with titanium. A permanent non-stick coating on the body of the bit reduces friction and makes the bit easier to clean. To reduce chatter, Freud computer-balances all their Quadra-Cut bits. All these features combine to make a bit that produces an ultra clean edge.

Freud makes many 1/2″ shank bits, from a 3/8″ radius round-over bit for $34 to a $100 raised panel pattern bit. If you want to go right from the shop floor to the finishing room without first stopping at the sanding station, you might want to give these bits a try.

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