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I hate having a ton of junk in my pockets, even when that junk is useful, so this cool Kershaw carabiner caught my eye. It incorporates a little serrated blade into the body as well as two screwdrivers and the obligatory bottle opener. “Cool, I can clip my junk outside my pockets,” I thought. Then I saw the asking price: around $35. That seemed a bit steep — and after doing some shopping I found out exactly how steep it was.

It seems companies such as 4imprint.com are selling this knife in bulk as a promotional item for as little as $3 a unit!

Promo Knife

I don’t know for sure that they’re the exact same item, but they look suspiciously similar. So is this just a cheap knockoff or an extreme discount for buying in bulk? Give us your two cents in comments.

Kershaw Street Price [Google Products]
Promotional Carabiner Knife [4Imprint.com]


19 Responses to Is This Carabiner Knife A Rip-Off?

  1. Bdenison says:

    I believe the one from 4Imprint does not have the Kershaw blade which would make it far cheaper than the other products. I have on of the original ones from about two years ago and I have yet to sharpe the blade. I use it all the time from fishing, camping, opening beer bottles, etc.. The one from 4imprint looks very much like a cheap knock off.

  2. Michael W. says:

    It’s got to be a rip off. Kershaw makes nice knifes with good quality steel in their blades.

  3. tim underwood says:

    And the mnimum order on the one from 4Imprint is 50 units.

    • @bashpr0mpt says:

      I purchased something similar to hold cables on my motorcycle whilst providing a concealed blade (in my country carrying any weapon for self defence is an indictable offence, which it seems no criminals heed) it has the blade but none of the other crap. It’s powder coated, entirely, durable, sharp, and strong. It cost $2 on eBay. It’s identical to the above $35 thing even down to the detail of the blade. There’s no excuse for such absurd prices. And I doubt you must order a minimum of 50 units for such a price, but I do believe that prices are swayed by idiotic bad logic as that displayed by such a claim.

  4. Fred says:

    Aside from all that, it looks like a very awkward tool to use. Just how do you get your hand around it?

  5. Tom says:

    Why doesn’t TM order a bunch with the logo and sell them/give them away? Then we can do some testing.

  6. eschoendorff says:

    I second Tom’s motion!

  7. bc says:

    saw one of those discovery channel survivor guys using one of these…

  8. Lee Gibson says:

    If you buy the Kershaw, you can be confident that it’s at least been in the same room as somebody who knows something about knife blades.

    With the other one? Well, in my experience, cheap knives are expensive.

  9. Andrew says:

    The Kershaw has a hole in the carabiner just under the knife blade. The cheapo knockoff doesn’t.

  10. Anonymous Jerk says:

    Andrew, sharp eyes!

  11. Chris says:

    I know I am throwing my 2 cents in a bit late ,but ,yeah I gotta agree with the other guys – ripoff . Princess Auto up here and Boss tools (online) were both selling similar things. Like Andrew says I dont think they are as good – bought one for my boy as a stocking stuffer or birthday gift a couple of years ago dont know what he thinks of it .

  12. Tom S says:

    Yes guys this is a flagrant knockoff that is in violation of Kershaw’s IP.
    They will be notified to cease and desist. The real deal is the Kershaw unit.
    Also check out the new all metal mini carabiner Kershaw is coming out with, still hard to find but make a very nice keychain knife.

  13. John M. says:

    I am a Firefighter that responds on with Heavy and Tactical Rescue unit. I have the Original that National Geographic had set to the field for testing with Kershaw. The blade cannot be beat, has cut seatbelts, cordage, clothes to include leather boots, a fishing net a drowning victim was entangled in, the list goes on. If you purchase the knife that has the Kershaw blade, it is a great tool.

    Years back the cost was $49.00 USD, expect to pay between $35.00-$55.00 USD for this oustanding useful tool.

    Best Regards,

  14. browndog77 says:

    I just received a nice little Kershaw pocket knife as a xmas gift from my brother. A single locking blade, about 1.75″ long & curved, with a very smooth opening mechanism and a pocket safety (to prevent accidental opening). Sturdy unit. It was customized with an inlaid handle by a stoneworker in Santa Fe. Sweet!

  15. Mike Whitticar says:

    The Kershaw and CRKT products are patented. The others are infringing knock-offs. Even if they were the same quality (which they are not) and had the same lifetime guarantees (which they do not), they still would be illegal, infringing products.

  16. jin says:

    Just got one of the 4imprint ones as a sample. Will NOT be ordering these as giveaways as the blade does not lock. The linear locking mech does not keep the blade from closing. It only takes about 3lbs of force to close it, without touching the locking mech. Other than that, it is of sub knockoff quality. I would not recommend this product.

  17. Kevin says:

    I can’t argue the fact that these are cheap knockoffs, however, I used to own the full sized Kershaw knife. While the blade was KAI and made in the U.S., the rest (carabiner and driver bits) were manufactured and assembled in China. I was told this by a Kershaw customer service rep when I had to call about a month after purchasing the tool because the nuts and bolts were falling out of it! Not to mention I had to retool the liner lock so it would engage.

  18. Dan says:

    I bought 2 of the cheap ones one is still boxed & the bottle opener doesn’t work & blade doesn’t stay sharp the carbiner itself isn’t straight but still closes..
    The blade is fitted well & after a year I still use it daily I don’t need to skin a pig or sushi so it is a cheap tool that does the job ( unless you want to open a beer)
    I shortened the blade by half & squared it off.
    Very happy & if it breaks or I lose it I have a spair & still money saved

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