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If you work outdoors in the winter, you know keeping your head warm isn’t a big deal — until you’re freezing and can’t think about anything else. Hard hat liners from MSA Safety Works protect your head and neck from the elements, with hook and loop straps that secure to your hard hat suspension. If you don’t need one of the fancier variations — one with a mouth cover or a full-head pullover — you can find the simple design shown above for under $10 at the big box.

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One Response to Protect Your Dome With MSA Hard Hat Liners

  1. Steven Fine says:

    These liners are great. I am a Lineman for a Telecom company and work outside every day. They are not too thick and heavy and are very comfortable and warm to wear. They can also be comfortably rolled up off your neck when things warm up a little bit.

    We have a heavier fleece lined liner but it’s hard to keep our hard hats on over this much bulkier liner. In the last 3 years I can only remember needing the heavier one maybe twice. This MSA liner is the one we swear by on a daily basis.

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