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This wooden steam shovel kicks the crap out of Fisher Price or even Tonka — it actually works! It swivels and digs with a bucket controlled by two wooden levers. Holz Toys has a winner here — heck, we want one.

The 45″ long digger holds a child 2 – 5 years old on top of its cab, where the kid works two levers to move dirt or sand. You can buy this completely wicked toy for $250 plus shipping. We especially love the hole saw cutouts that help define the treads — they really bring the whole digger together.

Wooden Digger [Holz Toys]


4 Responses to Holz Toys’ Wooden Digger

  1. Kurtis says:

    This is very cool! Do you know of anybody that sells plans for these diggers?

  2. Evan N. says:

    http://www.vintageprojects.com/kids-playground-plans.html has plans for a couple of variations of this. For free!

  3. ScaryFast says:

    My stepfather has made a couple variations of this over the years. He made one for my brother, and more recently for one of my little cousins. Here is a picture of the last one he made. I don’t think he used any plans though, he just drew it up himself.


  4. ScaryFast says:

    Oops, can’t link to the above image. Here it is hosted on my site.


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