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Sears is ending their “We overstocked this stuff for Christmas and didn’t sell it” sale tomorrow, so if you’re jonesing for that gear your family didn’t manage to get you, now is the time. Specifically, the Craftsman 263 piece Mechanic’s Tool Sets, Craftsman 10-drawer, 27 in. combo toolboxes, and Craftsman 20 piece socket wrench sets are all 20 to 25 percent off, which might actually put some of them this side of “never gonna pay that.”

Sears is also giving away .5A, three-disc grinders with purchases over $75 dollars, while supplies last. We’re betting supplies are plentiful on the Norelco looking sanders, because we don’t know anyone who wanted or got one for Christmas.

Craftsman Sale [Sears]
Craftsman 263 pc. Mechanics Tool Set [Sears]
Craftsman 10 Drawer, 27 in. Combo [Sears]
Craftsman 20 pc. Socket Wrench Set [Sears]


7 Responses to Dealmonger: Sears After Christmas Sale!

  1. robdew says:

    When you highlight items, please post the price.
    263 pc $200
    10 drawer price not posted, unavailable?
    20 pc $30

  2. Frank Townend says:

    The ($34.99 Value) 3D sander is on sale for $9.88 (http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_00911633000P?vName=Tools&adCell=A2)

  3. The 10 drawer combo is $260. Not a bad price, but not a good deal either. A 10 drawer ball bearing combo goes for $299 regularly, and quiet glide combos regularly go for $300 with a free intermediate.

    The mechanics tool kit isn’t that great either. 12 pt sockets (yech), non-laser markings, and only 150 sockets. They’ve been trying to unload this set for a while now.

    The 20% off socket sets is great, but if your Sears still accepts the $5 coupons, purchasing sockets individually is MUCH cheaper. =)

  4. Teacher says:

    Actually there are still a lot of us that prefer the stamped sockets over the laser etched.

  5. By all means, I don’t mean to suggest that there’s something wrong with the stamped sockets. What I meant was that most of the stamped socket sets have been on clearance or discounted frequently for a while now, and that maybe better options are available.

  6. Matt says:

    Picked up the 263 piece tool kit over the weekend. Was getting sick of splitting up my tool kit when I take my car to the race track, and with the Craftsman Club discount it is down to $179. Nice to get the stamped sockets, too. You get most of the sockets in 6 and 12 pt, so it’s not just the 12 pts.

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