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If your favorite pair of broken-in Doc Martens aren’t waterproof anymore, slide ’em into a pair of NEOS overshoes. Made of durable nylon laminated with a waterproof layer of PVC film, they keep your feet warm and dry when you’ve got rain, snow, or slush to trek through.

The overshoes slip on and off easily over your shoes or boots, and NEOS offers a variety of lightweight styles for work, commute, and industrial applications. You can select a lugged sole for traction or a cleated version for icy conditions. I particularly like the Voyager 11″ model that costs about $60.NEOS Overshoe [Corporate Site]
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3 Responses to NEOS Overshoes

  1. mike d says:

    I’ve got a pair of these and think they’re great. Kind of dorky looking but when we walk to lunch in the middle of winter I’m the only one with dry feet.

  2. MR P says:

    I got one of them 6 years ago. The biggest badest one they make and let me tell you there great. They keep you real warm amd heve good tracktion worth every penny

  3. Keno says:

    I work outside at a mine and these (surveyor style 20″ tall) are a godsend. The sharp rocks are taking their toll but these overshoes are worth every penny.

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