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This drafting table makes a big bang without wasting tons of materials or cash. The builder (and Flickr pool member) MPgalvin gives us the down-low on the construction materials:

We made the frame and all wood components out of white oak so that it will be sturdy and heavy. The cross stiles are made from 1/2 inch copper pipe with threaded rods running through them. The copper pipes sit in counter bored holes and the threaded rod is tightened to draw the legs together.

We love that MPgalvin used stylish, sturdy white oak and copper tubing that’s lightweight and attractive to boot! Great job — we can’t wait to see the next project!

Toolmonger’s Photo Pool [Flickr]


One Response to Glove Winner: Drafting Table

  1. Joseph says:

    The only thing keeping that from collapsing are the doweling rods where they attach to the legs. It needs a lateral cross-bar on the back. Else don’t use it around children.

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