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Malco Flex Duct Cutter

To make cutting flexible duct easier, Malco makes one wicked looking cross between an insulation knife and a pair of wire snippers. Simply grab the non-slip vinyl handles and use the double-edged stainless steel blade to easily slice through the insulation. Finish the cut by snipping the inner rib coil with the compound action wire cutters.

At $30 or so, this might not be for just anybody’s toolbox, but if you’re installing an HVAC system this tool could save you some time. Just be careful carrying this bad boy in your tool pouch.

Flex Duct Cutter [Malco]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


One Response to Malco’s Flexible Duct Cutter

  1. Kevin says:

    Ill have to say I loved this tool when I worked as a HVAC duct install person for 3 summers. Small mom and pop type of company. But we did a lot of duct. I used one of these on a daily basis. Nothing does it better, and its all in one hand. No utility knife, then close it, get the snips, and then cut the wire….do it all at once

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