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ImmIX Multi-tool

LoggerHead Tools, makers of the Bionic Wrench and the Bionic Grip, now offers the ImmIX multi-tool with Bionic Wrench technology. The ImmIX 10X combines a Bionic Wrench with two retractable, stainless steel blades, a bit driver, and ten bits — slotted, Phillips, Torx, and Robertson — in a rubber carrier/grip. Replace the knife blades with ten more bits in a second rubber carrier, and you have the ImmIX 20X.

LoggerHead electroplates these cold-rolled steel laminate tools with nickel for corrosion- and chip-resistance. For your comfort the rubber bit carriers double as cushioned grips. Use the Bionic Wrench for SAE sizes 1/4″ through 9/16″ or metric sizes 7mm through 14mm, or lock the handles together to use the magnetic bit driver. When you’re done, slip the ImmIX into its carrying case looped through your belt.

Right now you can pick up an ImmIX 10X for $40 on Amazon. Toss in another $10 and you can buy yourself the 20X. Or pay $50 for either tool somewhere else.

ImmIX Tool Family [LoggerHead Tools]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


One Response to If Leatherman And Bionic Wrench Mated…

  1. Dave says:

    I had one for a few hours.

    The handles can generate more compression than those little jaws can tolerate. I cracked two on a basin water supply shut-off job, so it went straight back to the store. We tried a couple others off the shelf, and they all had the same problem.

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