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Bivouac knife

After a hard day slogging through the woods, you may want to swap your normal pocket knife for the French Army Bivouac Knife. Standard issue in the French Infantry, this knife unfolds to give you everything needed to eat your hard-earned meal.

This ABS and stainless steel multi-tool packs a spoon, fork, corkscrew, can opener, and folding knife into one 5 oz. package. Fork and spoon detach for ease of use, and the can opener unlocks a can of beans in no time. The 3-1/2″ blade, rated 50-54 on the Rockwell hardness scale, secures with a spring-loaded liner lock. And after your meal, you can clip this 5-1/2″ tool to your belt in the included nylon sheath.

Lee Valley lists it for $27. The corkscrew inspires me to pack a bottle of wine on my next camping trip. Does pinot noir go well with beans?

French Army Bivouac Knife
[Lee Valley]
via Amazon [What’s This?]


4 Responses to Eat Anywhere With The French Army Bivouac Knife

  1. James B says:

    Eat anywhere except on an airplane 🙂

  2. Trevor Dyck says:

    Too many French Army jokes…

  3. LG in Toronto says:

    LOL! Yeah…

    I presume that, in addition to the “spoon, fork, corkscrew, can opener, and folding knife”, it also features a white flag…

  4. ambush27 says:

    Well to be fair the swiss army knife is as big a joke, after all switzerland hasn’t been in a war in hundreds of years, including WW1 and WW2, despite being next to both france and germany

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