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HyLoft Storage Unit

If you need a place to store all those Christmas decorations, HyLoft is discounting their 36″ by 36″ storage system to $20 apiece, while supplies last. Made from steel and finished in a scratch resistant white finish, this 36″ by 36″ unit adjusts from 16″ to 28″ high.

HyLoft backs their product with a lifetime warranty. Easily installed on finished or unfinished ceilings, each storage unit holds up to 150 lbs. Amazon is also discounting the Hyloft storage unit to $35 — and they’re throwing in free shipping to boot.

Storage Unit [HyLoft]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


6 Responses to Dealmonger: Overhead Storage Units For $20

  1. Fred says:

    Americans have too much stuff. More storage just promotes the addiction to stuff.

  2. Mark says:

    I totally agree that we have too much stuff. My problem is that I can’t throw anything away. I always feel like I might be able to use that scrap of XYZ for something someday. Any suggestions? BTW, I finally took a load of stuff to GoodWill and to Habitat for Humanity. I felt much better afterwards, but I still have too much stuff!

  3. Frank Townend says:

    (Now we have that out of the way…)

    I like these. Of course working overhead is a bit of a pain in the neck (literally), but they do a good job of holding infrequently used “stuff”. Installing mine I installed cross-bracing to dampen swinging when loading, but a second set of hands would do the same.

  4. Ken says:

    I have 4 of them in the garage.Great for storing stuff and you don’t have to go to a self storage unit. I use them to store my grandkids summer stuffand also have some of my wife’s stuff up there.

    Notice that my stuff is not there,no room.

  5. RevRagnarok says:

    I was going to buy the one on Amazon ($35 plus free shipping) and a set of hooks ($10). However, I decided to buy from the company directly, even tho the shipping is INSANE. That’s because the one size up is only $26 and says “Free 4 pack add on storage hooks and add on rack with purchase of White unit.” which would be a great deal. For two of those, it’s $95 shipped, vs. two of the smaller on Amazon, plus hooks, for $90. Plus the extra two shelves. However, it didn’t say anything on the order page about the hooks and shelf, so I put in the comments section that if the hooks and second shelf are not included to contact me before charging. They came in today; haven’t opened the (three) boxes but the packing slip does say qty 2 of each!

  6. RevRagnarok says:

    Just installed the first one today. Yeah, I got all the extras. 😉 Thanks again for the heads up!

    BTW, the instructions said that I could use an electric drill with a nut driver head. Well, I tore the heads off of two of the bolts. So I tried to learn how to use a screw extractor, but that failed, so it’s about 3 inches from where I wanted it mounted. Need to decide if the second goes in the laundry room or not.
    Wish I had taller ceilings, it doesn’t give me a lot more vertical space than a tall Rubbermaid shelf did…

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