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This year, Amazon Santa dropped a Gardner Bender SE-94 automatic wire stripper in my stocking. The SE-94’s jaws automatically adjust to strip 10 to 26 gauge wire. One set of jaws grips and cuts the wire while the other set pulls back the insulation — all with one squeeze. I’ve enjoyed it so much, I spent the last 36 hours looking for wire to strip.

Garnder Bender also included an integrated blade-and-anvil type wirecutter as well as a set of crimpers. If you want a really nice, super useful tool, cash in those gift cards and get yourself one of these for about $14.

Automatic Wire Stripper [Gardner Bender]
Street Price [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


7 Responses to X-mas Loot: Gardner Bender Automatic Wire Stripper

  1. I picked one of these up for myself back when the Irwin model was reviewed. http://toolmonger.com/2007/02/22/hands-on-irwins-self-adjusting-wire-stripper/

    This is a great stripper for rigid-clad wiring, but it *sometimes* leaves groove marks on the unstripped cladding.

    It’s good to have a pair of traditional strippers as well for wires that don’t fair well with auto strippers, such as soft jacketed or super flexible audio cable.

  2. Jay Kominek says:

    These things are great for CAT5 cable.

  3. In my experience, this type of stripper massacres fine-stranded wire, and I’m highly dubious of the 26 awg lower limit. I wouldn’t use them on anything smaller than 18 or 20.

    They’re very handy for house wiring or other medium-gauge solid stuff. Useful on commercial or automotive wiring, where it’s mostly 7-strand in the 10-14 gauge range. Definitely a bad idea for superflex, speaker cable, lamp cord, or electronics work.

    FTR, I haven’t used this exact model, but I’ve tried and been disappointed by a fair number built around similar concepts.

  4. Perry Jones says:

    I got this exact same model for Xmas myself. I haven’t used it too much yet, but so far it strips my 22 gauge stranded hookup wire like a dream.

    The center pivot wasn’t tight so it got a bit wonky when the joint loosened with use, but it was easy to tighten it back up.

  5. AC says:

    Regarding stripper results on stranded versus solid wire:
    Be aware for the same wire gauge solid and stranded wires have a different cross-sectional area– stranded wire is ever so slightly a larger diameter (to maintain current rating). Tools (and fittings) are often marked for specific wire type. Check yours.

  6. Ryan says:

    As an electrician, I would be labeled as a rookie for using this tool. Here is what I use.


    For any thing larger than 10 awg I use my utility knife. For anything smaller than 18awg I use the cutter portion of my strippers very carefully. It also fits nicely into my tool belt. I have a seperate crimp tool.

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