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The folks over at ProblemSolvers claim their rolling snow shovel “clears snow faster and requires no bending or lifting, so you stand up straight while clearing snow from sidewalks or driveways.” Now, I can’t help but be suspicious when I’m told I can clear snow with no bending or lifting.

Admittedly, I was raised in an area where snow falls a foot at a time. But is it possible this thing really works? Or does it work in light, fluffy, just-fallen, dry snow, at depths only less than three inches? This thing’ll probably hold up in Houston, but can it take on Buffalo? Let us know what you think in comments!

Rolling Snow Shovel [ProblemSolvers]


14 Responses to Hot or Not? Rolling Snow Shovel

  1. Matt Soreco says:

    It looks like it could work for clearing very small areas. But you’d just be pushing and piling up snow ahead of you if you are clearing a long driveway or sidewalk.

  2. jeff says:


    It needs to have an angled blade to clear larger areas… or you would have to be built like an ox with great traction to push large areas. Then you would be bending (leaning) forward anyway to get an effective push. This product belongs in the Bush Leagues of snow shovels.

  3. weldo says:

    I don’t have this exact unit but something kinda sorta similar and find it very Hot. Smok’n hot, actually. I can clear almost as much snow as my neighbor does with his blower while not pumping greenhouse gasses into the Michigan atmosphere.

  4. Not, I think this is an un-improvement over the standard snow pusher shovel. You can’t change the angle the blade meets the pavement. You can’t angle the blade like jeff says. You can’t throw snow like with a snow pusher. This is a big one, what it you already have 2 feet of snow on the side of your driveway? Where’s it going to go?

    Maybe this might work for an inch or so for short swaths, but I’ll keep my trusty pusher for light snows. Looks like I’ll be getting it out again today in fact.

  5. Screw that, get a snow blower.

    The more you blow, the more greenhouse gas you create, the warmer the world gets, the less snow you have to blow. It’s self limiting.

  6. Casey says:


  7. PutnamEco says:

    Your kidding. Right?
    What you need is a snowblower.
    Preferably with a V-8


  8. Emery Roth says:

    Anyone used the wovel? I thought about picking one up for my father awhile ago. A little pricey, but if it works it could be really nice.



  9. Greg says:

    clears driveways great (and fast) when you only have a couple inches (and as the article says with light fluffy snow) so if you’re willing to shovel multiple times in a snow storm, rather than throw out your back when there’s 3 feet it’s nice.
    get a regular shovel or blower for more/wet snow

  10. MR P says:

    Hey PutnamEco
    I found a snow blower that puts your v8 to shame so if your want over kill here you go.


  11. PutnamEco says:

    Hey PutnamEco
    I found a snow blower that puts your v8 to shame so if your want over kill here you go.

    No, overkill is a jet powered snowblower, like the Jet SnowBlower 46-89


  12. Rembreto says:

    Houston here… No trouble shoveling the humidity.

  13. Snipper says:

    Ive built a prototype of a product like this.. mine does have more capabilities than this model, for you people who say, “what about a foot of snow”. well.. dont be dumb and let it pile up, i plow when theres 6” and i got no problem doin it twice. I think i will still try and market my redesigned product idea.

  14. moose says:

    I have a similar one, and used it when the snow is dry and a few inches tall. This thing works faster and clear better than my snowblower for dry and few inches snow. For heavy wet snow, or with dry snow 6 inches and up, i use my snowblower.

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