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Now that the holidays are over, ’tis the season to get organized! And to help you find a place for all those new (large) tools Santa brought, we’ve selected two great consumer models —  Rubbermaid’s and Gladiator’s — from all the many storage systems on the market to profile here on Toolmonger. Read on past the jump for photos and details.

Rubbermaid’s FastTrack System 


Rubbermaid’s FastTrack system, shown above, installs easily and reconfigures quickly. You can add on baskets and shelves and various hooks and holders. The FastTrack‘s structural configuration draws heavily from Rubbermaid’s closet organization system, making the FastTrack perfect for those who want plenty of shelves.

Gladiator’s System


Gladiator’s system, shown above, resembles Rubbermaid’s in that it’s simple to install, and its accessories are easy to position and rearrange. Its “J”, “L”, and “loop” pegboard hooks attracted me to this system. Gladiator also offers repositionable wall-mountable cabinets, mobile drawer units, durable flooring, and even heavy duty appliances. The fact that they offer a heavy duty refrigerator shouldn’t be too surprising given that Gladiator is a daughter company of the Whirlpool corporation.

You can install both systems in most types of walls, but you may need to pick up the installation hardware for the Gladiator system while you’re at the store. Home Depot carries Rubbermaid’s system and the accessories. Both Lowe’s and Sears have the Gladiator system on sale this week.

If you know of other systems that are as good as or better than these, please share your opinions with us in comments, and photos in the flickr pool!

FastTrack Organization [Rubbermaid]
Garage Works [Gladiator]


3 Responses to A Tale of Two Storage Systems

  1. modernman says:

    I’d go with the Gladiator since its compatible with slatwall acessories. the rubbermaid tracks only accept rubbermaid products.

  2. Steve Christie says:

    You might double check “slatwall” accessories fit. I believe they look similar but are actually just different enough not to work IIRC. Although that was a couple years ago.

    I went with a Gladiator hybrid system. I like the gladiator panels and hooks/accy’s..looks a little nicer. I don’t like the gladiator cabinets, so I’m using the Sears Prof. cabinets (link below). Made a recon trip to sears..measured the gladiator cabinet mounting brackets and made my own. 🙂 They were not sold separately back then (last year)

    Unfortunately, I’m going to have to wait to see the completion as my garage is tore up. I’m installing a new sub-panel and additional outlets. One of those never-ending, multi-month/year projects. lol

    One of these days…


  3. modernman says:

    Good point. I have slatwall installed on the walls of my shop and I’ve used Gladiator accessories without a problem. I assumed that all slatwall items would work with Gladiator but this might not be the case.

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