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Speedy Metals offers over 5000 shapes, grades, and sizes of various kinds of metal. They have a “no minimum order” policy, so if you need an inch of 1″ copper rod, you can get an inch of copper rod. They’re a great source for small-project metal when local (and many on-line sources) are reluctant to — or just plain won’t — sell small quantities to individuals.

And Speedy doesn’t charge cutting fees on large orders. But for a small fee, they’ll provide custom bending, drilling, and simple machining. Most importantly, though, Speedy Metals is an outfit that’s friendly to the needs of DIY guys and gals. They offer their stock through their site or via their eBay store.

Speedy Metals [Official Site]
Speedy Metals eBay Store [eBay.com]


3 Responses to Material Source: Speedy Metals

  1. Nice find, I need to pick up some aluminum plate and the prices aren’t too bad.

  2. The prices look pretty decent as does the selection. I’m a bit concerned about the tolerances though. I’m looking at sheet stainless steel and alum, and it shows a tolerance of + or – 1/4″. I suppose that if I needed a precisely cut panel, I could always give them a call with my request.

    I’ll likely order from them in the future since I’ve been slightly unhappy with McMaster’s prices and steel finishes in the future. The last stainless steel bars I ordered looked as if they spent a few months in a swamp and I had to go through quite a few wire brushes to clean them up.

  3. Phil Jackson says:

    Speedy Metals is awsome! They cut and shipped my order same day! The gentleman that helped me was very knowledgable about things I needed to know. Thanks Speedy Metals! You guys Rock!

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