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You want to protect the things you love — your family, your pets, your tools — but with all the folk remedies swirling around the mythosphere, who’s to know what works best? For cleaning and lubricating metal tools like saw blades and router bits, folks over at the Ridgid forum have discussed using Simple Green All-Purpose cleaner (an alkaline water-based cleaner with a 9.4 pH), carnauba wax (mainly acidic, found in cosmetics and Altoids), oven cleaner (a soap-forming caustic base), apple cider vinegar (which, according to enthusiasts, helps remove “body sludge toxins”), washing soda (a potent base with a pH of 11), and even coffee (acidic with a pH around 5, unless you’re French).

Then there’s Empire’s Complete Tool Saver System. It includes a surface cleaner/degreaser, a water-based pitch resin remover, and three types of lubricants: one for router bits that reduces heat and friction, one for moving parts, and one for saw blades. This collection is supposed to replace and best all the folk remedies, for about twenty bucks.

So what do you prefer: a pre-packed kit like the one pictured above, or home chemistry experiments? Let us know in comments.

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2 Responses to Hot or Not? Protecting The Family Tools

  1. PutnamEco says:

    Hot, although I prefer Boeshield kits. If rust is really bad, electrolysis is the best way to go.
    I’m also a big fan of Ospho.

  2. SuperJdynamite says:

    If a tool will fit inside I drop it in the ultrasonic cleaner with some simple green and then hit it with some WD40 once dry (if appropriate). I do this with my Leatherman periodically (I use the pen style WD40 on the joints) and it works great.

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