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I don’t usually need to make measurements beyond 10′ when I’m wood-working, but recently I started a project that sent me to the local big box in search of a 12′ tape.  Most of the 12’ tapes I wanted couldn’t be bought stand-alone, and a lot of the others I wouldn’t dare try out in the shop because they’re so crappy.  But one tape stood out from the rest – the Komelon Self Lock.

The Self Lock gets its name from the self locking action on the tape itself. Just pull out to the desired length and the tape stays out until you press the button located on top of the unit.  I found only one drawback: when you wind the tape back in from more than nine feet, the end of it will whip back and slap your hand if you’re not careful.

Aside from that, it makes a sturdy addition to the workforce. Lightweight and compact, the 12′ model serves well for smaller measurements; the Self Lock also comes in 16’ and 25’ lengths.

Street pricing starts at $4 for the 12′ and goes up to $8 for the 25′.

Self Lock Tape [Komelon]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


One Response to Komelon Self Lock Tape Whips It Good

  1. Bill G says:

    I have one of these tape measures. I love it! Well built and has a nice working feel to it. The one I always grab first and I own about 6.

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