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Classic tools, though sweet, can take a bite out of the ole’ paycheck. So when I was price checking a nice set of Warrington pattern hammers, I was shocked to find a three-hammer set from Garrett Wade for under $30. They’re easy on the eyes as well as the budget.

The Warrington pattern hammer’s design orginated with 18th and 19th century furniture makers in England.  They needed a hammer that could precisely place finishing nails and brads without damaging the trim. With a Warrington pattern hammer, you set the nail with the cross-peen, then finish with the regular face.

Though modern tools have relegated these relics to obscurity, a handful of stubborn enthusiasts (like me) still survive to make it worth Garrett Wade’s while to offer a set. They’re made in China, but that’s hardly the point for a $30 buy-in — it’s the journey in using them that counts.

Set of 3 Warrington Hammers [Garrett Wade]
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