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Nothing, I mean nothing, is too good for my dogs. They’re my beloved friends and family. So when I saw Toolmonger photo member mstenner’s dog couch, I felt like I’d lagged in my duty to provide my pets with the ultimate comfort.

Mstenner’s canine day bed looks beautiful, and it has a sweet step ladder for the lounging hounds to climb up and down on. This project not only gets a pair of gloves, it inspires me to build a hound dog hangout of my own.

Toolmonger’s Photo Pool [Flickr]


2 Responses to Glove Winner: Dog Couch

  1. Lorenzo says:

    Any plans available for this? Care to share Mstenner? I’d like to take a crack at building something like this for my animals.

  2. mstenner says:

    I’m not sure I’d recommend doing it the way I did. It worked out OK, but was difficult. I made the internal platform (25 x 50 inches to fit two cushions I might use) out of 7/16 OSB with a 2×4 frame (two in the 50-inch direction and 3 in the 25-inch direction) on the bottom for strength. I then attached the visible trim boards around the top with 6 inches above the top of the OSB. I attached them with carriage bolts. The legs are just ripped fir 2x4s carriage-bolted to the inside corners of the frame’s 2x4s so the OSB sits on top of the legs. I set the height so they could look out the windows from a reclined position 🙂

    The real problem with that approach is that wood is tempermental (most of my experience is in metal) and getting the outer boards to fit the inner frame AND each other was a pain. If you go that way, I’d just recommend cutting the outer boards long and then trimming them down in-place with a decent hand saw.

    The stool was just simple table-style (aprons + legs with dowels and then corner braces). I DO NOT recommend that for the dogs, though. It’s too slippery for them and it tends to tip when they step on it. Dogs don’t understand that the force must be downward. I may make another that’s much deeper so it doesn’t tip, and leave it with half sitting under the couch.

    I didn’t really make plans, but rather just whipped it up, so I don’t have any to share, but I’d be happy to answer questions.

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