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Most cordless drills come with on-tool storage for one or two bits, but sometimes one or two bits just isn’t enough.  That’s why Kobalt created a weird-looking bit strap: to keep you working instead of climbing. Of course, unless this bit strap gets you coffee or cleans up after you, we suspect it won’t “change the way your work.” Read on past the jump for a massive picture, plus lots more information.


Forgive the blurry camera-phone shot; it’s hard to whip out a phone and crouch to take a photo without looking too suspicious. (Big retailers worry about spies as well as thieves.) 

Although the strap is definitely useful, it looks like it might block the vents on smaller drills.  Also, $7 and change seems a bit much.  As of now, there’s no product listing for this accessory anywhere.  If you find a link, please let us know in comments.

Kobalt Tools [Manufacturer]


9 Responses to Strap This On Your Power Drill And Kobalt Will Make Your Whole Life Better. Or Not.

  1. Lorenzo says:

    It looks like it creates more work than necessary… I’d rather just keep what I need handy in a magnetic bowl or a small box.

  2. George says:

    Looks like it would be nice if you cant be near you’re box all day or if you’re 5 stories up

  3. Casey says:

    looks like a must buy for me if i get a Lowes giftcard in my stocking. I am always reaching into my bags to grab for my quick change bits to pop them in my my makita impact driver. and although they should all stay stuck on the hard drive magnet, they don’t.

    and since it comes with two?!?! throw one on my drill as well.

    that is….unless makita has a product which will hold my bits and maintain the clean makita look. :0/ ????

    another possible downside being making the driver wider, hard to get into the tricky spots as i use a 1/2in socket day in and out.

    anyone know?

  4. Seanseattle says:

    Well, Makita actually does have their own version:


    I had it for a while and would give it a 6 for performance. The bits tended to slip out of the elastic bands. The Kobalt version looks like it might hold onto the bits a little better.


  5. Correction: The store price for the Kobalt strap is $9.97. If I can find my card adapter, I’ll post the photo.

  6. kyle says:

    It looks like it would slip out too easily if it griped the bit in the center it would probly work brtter this model will probly work well with 1″ insert bits

  7. Darren says:

    I have these and to be honest it work pretty well. It has saved me time by having more of the common bits I use. I’ve not had it slip off (it made of a rubberish material) and doesn’t get in the way if you orient it right so the bits stay away from your hand.

  8. uthscsaedu says:

    These are $3.97 right now at Lowe’s. Just bought a set. Will see how it goes.

    I hope this link works:

  9. Terry Blackwell says:

    These straps are great. Use it on a Dewalt 18 volt driver. It does block the vents somewhat but I have had no problems even with continuous use. I have been through three or more. Always have the right bit at your fingertips. Especially useful when on a ladder or on your knees. Only downside is the slots wear out and bits fall out. Can’t find this currently at Lowe’s.

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