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A thing of beauty is a joy forever, and these beautiful levels are guaranteed to be accurate within .015 of an inch for three years. Handmade from quality hardwood stock in Ben Wheeler, Texas, Crick’s levels cost about twice as much as the standard offering from other manufacturers. Of course, they’re also better looking than most.

Crick started making fine wooden levels 28 years ago. Their standard level uses African mansonia (sometimes incorrectly called African walnut) for the dark sections, and red leaf maple for the lighter portions. It’s a beautiful combo that produces a tough level. Crick also boasts super custom orders that use teak, cherry, beech, and even rosewood.

The vials are fog-proof, a relatively new feature for their levels. Solid stainless steel trim ensures durability and endurance on the jobsite. To give it a special touch, an extra $2 gets you engraved endcaps. And for $25 – $50 a sweet case with a shoulder strap will protect your investment.

All these features add up to something that isn’t your everyday level: this is custom handmade craftsmanship that’s difficult to find in today’s marketplace. The only down side is once you’ve shelled out $50 – $140 for your custom made tool, it’s a four to five week wait if you’ve ordered something they don’t already have in stock. But as with ketchup, good things come to those who wait.

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