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Auger Gimlet Set

When somebody says gimlet, I think of a good stiff drink — which is what you’ll need after your power drill accidentally reams out the screw hole in that heirloom project. When you just need to get a screw started — especially a short screw — a power drill can be too much tool for the job. Instead, try a traditional auger gimlet, such as one of these sold by Lee Valley.

Useful for pre-drilling screw sizes #2 to #9, the seven auger gimlets in this set range in size from 5/64″ to just over 3/16″. The set is made specifically for Lee Valley by a small European tool maker. These tempered steel auger gimlets have a tapered screw tip and an auger body, and they’re ferro-blacked in the traditional manner.

The set runs $13 at Lee Valley — not a bad deal considering this will only buy you about three gimlets at your local watering hole.

Auger Gimlet Set [Lee Valley]


2 Responses to Bartender, Get Me A Gimlet

  1. Jim K. says:

    I bought a tool box full of old tools earlier this year at a garage sale wanting a couple of the wrenches that were in there. Down at the bottom was a set of gimlets. I can’t say how useful these have been for a few of my more delicate projects, especially fixing a hinge on an antique jewelry box that my friend was giving to his wife.

  2. Michael W. says:

    Super useful when you’re hanging out an attic widow re-installing antique shutters and you need to make a starter hole for a new eye hook. If you drop it you, it’ll be annoying yet not as stressful as if you had dropped a cordless drill.

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