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Engine turning (also known as damascening, jeweling, krayling, or swirling) has long been associated with fine metalworking.  Whatever you call it, it’s a great way to add some bling to your project.  The process consists of using a spinning abrasive cylinder to make dazzling 3-D looking patterns on polished metal. You can see examples of the technique on everything from antique handmade pocket watches to retro hotrod parts.  If you want to try it yourself, Eastwood offers 1″ and 1/2″ kits that can be used with any drill press.


Each of Eastwood’s kits contains two abrasive synthetic rolls and a mandrel. You cut the rolls down into six 2″ plugs.  Chuck the roll and the mandrel into a drill press, lower the roll, and move the metal.  Repeat.  Patterns are only limited by your imagination and your patience.  The 1″ kit sells for $18 and the 1/2″ kit for $13.

1″ Engine Turning Kit [Eastwood]
1/2″ Engine Turning Kit [Eastwood]


2 Responses to Add Pizzazz With Eastwood’s Engine Turning Kit

  1. Fletcher says:

    Not a bad price. I’ve done a fair bit of engine turning (switchplates, etc) using my drill press and a conical Dremel wire brush bit (which eventually erodes; plus equal pressure needs to be used each time as the brush tines spread out when forced against metal. Inconsistancy means inconsistant circle size.) Next time, I’ll buy one of these kits.

  2. james Wulzen says:

    I want one of these kits, how do I get one?
    Jim Wulzen
    Ocean View,Hawaii

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