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Glove Line

Work gloves generally come in a small selection of sizes for men, with a few women’s sizes thrown in for good measure. To my continued shame, I sometimes find myself wearing pink or pastel-colored women’s gloves because the men’s gloves don’t fit my hands very well. No more! Lee Valley now sells an affordable line of Work Gloves in sizes children to extra large, all in the same neutral green.

You can find your glove size by measuring around your hand just below the knuckles — the number of inches is the glove size. I measured my 3-1/2 year old daughter’s hand, and it was 4-1/2″ so the size 5 would probably fit her. The sizes range from a 5 for children to 10 and 11 for extra-large hands. So if Junior or Little Miss is looking to wear gloves just like Daddy or Mommy, now they can.

Pricing starts at $4.50 for the kid gloves and goes up 50 cents for each size until you reach $6.50 for the extra large pair.  Throw in an additional buck and get their double palm gloves for $7.50 in the large and extra large sizes.

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