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Between now and January 22nd, get $5 off any $5 tool or lawn and garden purchase at Sears. Sears outlet stores are excluded, as are clearance and closeout products. Don’t forget to read the fine print before you head out of the house.

A strong word of caution:  Grab the pdf from the site while you can, before it gets pulled by Sears. In case you’re not as computer savy as you are with tools, right-click the URL and select “save target as…”. 

The “one coupon per purchase” clause doesn’t forbid several purchases during the same visit. But individual store policies may vary, and Sears has been known to terminate promotions that were being abused.

You can use the coupon on sale items or even non-Craftsman tools which almost never go on sale, such as a Klein 5-in-1 screwdriver which is $7 before discount. Also worth considering is a 4-in-1 laser level and measuring combo kit which comes with a free tripod. These laser units have gotten terrible reviews and complaints of dried out bubbles, but for $15 after coupon, you can hardly go wrong.

$5 off $5 Coupon [Sears]
Klein 5-in-1 Screwdriver [Sears]
4-in-1 Laser Level Combo Kit [Sears]


45 Responses to Dealmonger: Sears $5 Off $5

  1. Diddly says:

    There are 5pc Craftsmen screwdriver sets on sale for $4.99, down from $9.99. I just purchased two of them, along with a shop pencil and some picture hooks, using two coupons. Total price paid – $1.20.

  2. Wheels17 says:

    Diddly, did they let you combine items to get to the $5? I passed up the screwdrivers because they were under $5.

    I printed up about 40 of these coupons before I left work and stopped by Sears on the way home. I replaced a lot of missing wrenches from my toolbox, picked up a $10 toolbox for $5, some cutters, a square, and a set of combination ratchets(flat, for the interest of those involved in the discussions of a few days ago).

    This seems to only work on Craftsman branded tools, and not other items in the tool department. Wouldn’t work on a Kein screwdriver, or diehard alkaline batteries that were for sale in the tool department.

    Then, I passed out the leftover coupons to people wandering the aisles with tools in their hands. Lots of smiles, great way to say Merry Christmas to total strangers.

  3. You should be able to combine items to reach the $5 min. People have reported that batteries and certain tools are not getting discounted since they’re technically not in the tool dept.

    For example, maglites, although in the tool section, are considered part of the automotive dept.

    Wheels – that was pretty nice of you to give out coupons like that! It’s almost as nice to receive an unexpected discount as it is to see the surprised and appreciative reactions of those who receive such a coupon.

  4. I just got back from Sears. I picked up a few hex sockets and cobalt drill bits. 19 cents for a 1/4″ drill, and 23 sets per socket!

    I spoke to a cashier and then manager who said that they’ll allow as many coupons per visit as long as it doesn’t hold up lines or anything.

    This coupon has hit various deals forums and some customers are reporting problems at a few select Sears locations. It seems that B&W coupons are considered “copies” but color versions are doing just fine, so print in color for an easier time at the store.

  5. I used about 10 of these this morning, ran off to find an ATM, came back to a different cashier who decided to check with a manager, the manager disappeared for about 6 minutes and then came back with an email claiming the coupon is fake and they won’t honor it.

    You know and I know that the coupon is authentic and sitting right on the Sears web server. Were they hacked? Are they honestly claiming that they didn’t put that coupon there? The manager wouldn’t give me a copy of the email, so that’s all I’ve got for now.

  6. One more thing: If anyone can find the Sears page that links to the PDF on their website, rather than external sites like Toolmonger linking to the PDF on Sears’ website, it would be helpful. Being able to walk up to an in-store kiosk and navigate straight to the coupon on their own site would quash this, I think.

  7. If Sears were hacked, then the coupons wouldn’t correctly scan at the registers.

    I’ve read reports of customers being accused of copying the craftsman club coupon. That coupon was sent in the mail, has a completely different size and styling, and a different UPC.

    I wrote down the URL on a piece of paper so that I could directly navigate to the coupon in case its validity was questioned. Others have done that as well, and been told that the coupon is still fake and was not put there by Sears. If it was not put there by Sears, why are they still hosting it more than a week later! Even if one presented an email or page showing the coupon, strict managers will still come up with excuses as to why they won’t accept the coupon.

    The URL was originally sent out via targeted email, but has been in public hands for maybe 10 days now.

    I believe that there is a huge communication issue between the corporate offices and the stores. Some store managers are claiming that there are emails reporting that the coupon is fake and invalid, while other managers told myself and others that it’s legit and can be used as much as one desires as long as it doesn’t interfere and cause huge lines or anything of the sort.

  8. Zathrus says:

    I work in an office building across the street from Sears, so I finally went during lunch with a few coupons.

    What qualifies and does not qualify seems utterly random to me. I picked up a handful of items, all Craftsman branded, none on clearance or closeout. Here was my end result:

    Craftsman 10-in-1 screwdriver (just like the Klein of the same name): $9.99 regular price, would not accept coupon.
    Craftsman Auto-Switch (previously reviewed here): $19.99 regular price, would not accept coupon.

    12″ Tool bag: $9.99, took coupon. Now my almost-4 yr old daughter will haver her own tool bag for the 40-ish piece plastic tool set she got for Christmas.

    9″ Speed-lock flexible drill extension: $9.99, took coupon.

    I didn’t buy the stuff that didn’t take a coupon, and I’d really like to know why it wasn’t eligible. The good thing is that the store clerk had no issues with using the coupon, or with backing out stuff that wouldn’t take it.

  9. I just got off the phone with Sears national customer service. I spoke to Fernando who initially claimed that stores don’t accept coupons from online, but after I gave him the URL twice, was able to load the coupon and suddenly understood the issue. He says he’ll email the local store manager and someone should contact me within two business days.

    Meanwhile, I’ve filed a complaint with the state attorney general’s office of consumer protection, because I think the bogus reasons given for not accepting the coupon are simply heinous. How can they claim a file on their own website isn’t real? I hope it doesn’t come to that, but I wanted to make the filing ASAP while the PDF is still on Sears.com, in hopes that someone at the AG’s office can print and date a copy in case it becomes an issue.

  10. Zathrus: Try adding small items (carpenter’s pencils, or those little $1 spring clamps) to the “ineligible” items to make them eligible. All the ineligible items I tried happened to be $4.99, but when I added two $2 screw-in garage hooks to the total, the coupon worked for the full $5 amount, so it was taking a bite out of the previously ineligible item.

    It’s nothing so simple as just breaking the $5 mark because you found a $10 item that wouldn’t go. I wish I could tell ya more but I ran out of cash before I could establish a pattern. And I didn’t want to break out the credit card, because I know the transaction fees are killer on small purchases and I didn’t feel like being that guy.

    If I’d known how Sears was going to treat me when I returned with another wad of cash to spend at their store, I wouldn’t have been so considerate, and I certainly wouldn’t have gone out of my way to spend at least a buck or ten per transaction. At the time, I was trying to be the good customer, knocking prices down to “pretty darn good deal” territory, but not getting away with highway robbery. Serves me right, ‘cuz we all know where nice guys finish.

  11. Ted Fortner says:

    I just got back from Sears myself.

    Saved the pdf, took a screenshot of it at 100% magnification, printed out 9 per page, cut apart with the office paper cutter.

    I bought 5 Craftsman hand tools, all around $10 and a Lisle set of Torx bits for $33. The register jockeys made me do each transaction separately, so I made sure to use my credit card on each one. Walked out with $90 of tools for $60.

    Sent the link to all my friends & kept a copy of the PDF.


  12. Well, Sears customer service botched the original contact, they now claim I should be contacted by Monday. Righto. I’ll just hold my breath, then.

  13. Matt says:

    Ted sed:
    The register jockeys made me do each transaction separately, so I made sure to use my credit card on each one.

    Nate sed:
    And I didn’t want to break out the credit card, because I know the transaction fees are killer on small purchases and I didn’t feel like being that guy.

    the coupon read:
    One coupon per purchase.

    I sed:
    Congrats, Ted, on being -that guy- for no reason other than that the cashiers were actually doing what was necessary to help you.

    Let’s not scare Sears out of the neighborhood, all right? I can’t find some of the tools they carry anywhere else within an hour’s drive through my local megalopolis.

  14. Zathrus says:

    Agreed Matt; I’ll be paying cash when I use these coupons, at least for small stuff. Plus using your card repeatedly at a single location tends to raise fraud flags at the credit card company (or, at least it should if your card company is worth a darn; yes, I used to work in the industry).

    But, uh, what can you only find at Sears? Of course, I live (in the suburbs) within 5 miles of 4 HD’s (with a 5th looking likely soon), 2 Lowes, and a Sears (er, or two, since a KMart has renamed itself) and work within a couple miles of another HD and across the street from another Sears.

  15. Karen Myers, operations manager for my local Sears, just returned my call and says that I can invoke her name if the clerks give me any hassle about the coupon in the future. It is valid. I’ll head out in a few hours and report my results..

  16. aaron says:

    just tried this at my local sears (morgantown, wv) and they had flyers up saying they were invalid coupons. They even tried to tell me that the coupon was not on the sears website, even after typing in the url i provided them! anyway, the manager said he’d “look into it further” and get back to me… i’ve got my fingers crossed, but I’m doubtful.

    I may try calling the next closest store (many miles away though!) to see if they’ll take it. This seems a little bogus. yeah, it’s a stupid coupon on their part, but it’s still hosted on the sears website…

    anyone have any advice on how to get them to honor this coupon?

  17. Aaron, call national customer care, 1-800-549-4505 and see what they can do. It took two tries for the rep I spoke to to get the coupon URL right, but once he saw the PDF coming from their own site, he understood the problem and got on it for me. Of course, his email to the store manager didn’t actually go out, so I had to call back and get another rep to handle it, but they eventually did and the store manager did return my call.

    I just got back from another misadventure. At first the clerk said it was a bogus coupon, but I said I just got off the phone with the manager and she said it was ok. It took about 20 minutes for the clerk to find the manager, but I finally got the go-ahead. I spent $43.18 over ten transactions, meaning I saved $50 and got some Craftsman tools at Companion prices. I don’t think that’s abuse, just smart shopping.

    When I took my purchases to the car and came back for some bulky stuff, I got a different cashier who, as happened my first day, decided he needed to confirm the coupon’s validity. Why the manager couldn’t just post a memo, I don’t know. Anyway, he came back and said she told him not to accept it. I spoke with her directly and she gave me a very gruff “I think we’ve fulfilled our obligation with regard to that coupon”, and turned away.

    Aaron, also see if you can get a copy of that “invalid coupon” flyer. It could be helpful to establish a pattern of deliberate misinformation, with the managers trying to keep the clerks from honoring a real coupon. I wonder if it might count as bait and switch, because once you’ve got items in your hand, you’re likely to buy some of them anyway even without the discount.

    Oh yeah: Don’t do that. If they turn down the coupon, and won’t let you escalate to someone who understands that it’s real, just leave your items on the counter and walk out. Don’t reward this deception by buying stuff without the discount!

  18. aaron says:

    nate – thanks for the phone #, i will try this tomorrow. and yeah – there’s no way I’ll be buying without the discount.

  19. Well, I just came back from Sears. I had three items in hand, and a dozen coupons in-pocket. A cashier I wasn’t familiar with told me that if I didn’t have any coupons, he had one that I could use. So I picked up a few more items. Then I comfirmed with him that I didn’t need as many coupons for my number of purchases.

    He starts ringing me out and I use my credit card for a $15+ purchases. Then I pull out a $5 for a smaller one and he tells me that there’s not enough change in the drawer and he prefers me to use my credit card.

    Does anybody know how much AMEX charges the store for an 8 cent transaction?

  20. He had one you could use? That’s interesting! On my last trip, the cashier was writing a number (transaction ID, possibly) on each coupon as I used it. I’m not sure why, but that would seem to preclude multiple uses. I think there’s just something screwy with my local store. I’ll try driving farther…

  21. The coupon he used for me was B&W as well – maybe a previous customer used it in a transaction. I certainly wasn’t about to complain – I now have coupons that I can still use today!

    It may pay to try to use the coupon at Lowes or Home Depot – they typically accept “competitor’s coupons” but printouts fall into a grey area and can be denied.

  22. aaron says:

    well, the manager of the local branch spoke with me and insists that he has gotten several emails saying that the coupon is fraudulent yadda yadda yadda. the thing is STILL on the website though, so I insisted back that I won’t accept that. So he’s going to try to find out more. I also called customer care, and they’ll be getting back to me within the next few days.

    and again, to quote nate:
    “One more thing: If anyone can find the Sears page that links to the PDF on their website, rather than external sites like Toolmonger linking to the PDF on Sears’ website, it would be helpful. Being able to walk up to an in-store kiosk and navigate straight to the coupon on their own site would quash this, I think.”

    yes yes yes. The manager kept insisting that he couldnt get to the coupon by navigating to the website, thereby (apparently!) validating his claim that the coupon was put there illigitimately. so does someone know the path?

  23. The path/URL is in the post, but here it is again.


    I was turned down at a different Sears today. Spoke with the manager. He let me redeem my 2 coupons. Some of the shelves really are barren, so it’s obvious that the store had seen quite a few coupons before mine.

    Basically, the stores have some freedom in accepting or denying a promotion like this. What’s also happening is that people are coming in with low quality prints or B&W prints, and the UPCs are not scanning.

    From my conversation with the manager, it seemed like he was completely confused about all this. Some “higher ups” are telling them not to accept the coupon while others are telling them that the coupon is okay.

    If you stand your ground, reasonable managers will likely let you use a coupon or four. If the manager’s not reasonable, then get the store number and manager’s name on record, file a complaint, and find a different Sears to shop at.

  24. Zathrus says:

    Ok, I went back to Sears yesterday and bought some more stuff… including the 10-in-1 screwdriver that the coupon didn’t work on the first time. Worked this time, no problems. There was nobody else waiting to checkout either, so both cashiers were ringing me up — can’t beat 3/8″ sockets w/ SAE hex heads for $.49 + tax ea. That’s even cheaper than Harbor Freight!

    Nate, I agree — your local store is being a bunch of jerks over this. This is a national promotion, the stores get reimbursed by national for the coupons, so there’s absolutely no valid reason to not honor it.

    As for the link to the coupon — there is no link to it from sears.com itself. This is not unusual, nor does it say anything about the validity of the coupon. There are a number of other pages on sears.com (and most other websites) that aren’t internally linked but are still valid.

    Really, if this wasn’t a valid promotion then it would be simple for Sears to stop it — remove the link (or replace it with a new file of the same name indicating it’s invalid) and send out a corporate notice to all stores to place official signage declaring the coupon invalid (think they can’t do that? Wanna bet? How do you think they deal with weekly or daily sales, or (better) misprints? What about recalls?). That would take a day or two at most, while this deal has been going on for two weeks now.

  25. aaron says:

    heh, it makes SENSE to me, but my store manager just aint buyin it!

  26. Adam says:

    Has anyone tried to use this at KMart for Craftsman tools? The nearest Sears to me almost requires a bulletproof vest to get to.

  27. Zathrus says:

    aaron: Then call the number listed above, contact your state AG’s office, and let the store owner/manager that’s giving you grief know about it. Sears could get in trouble with the state AG’s office for failing to honor a valid coupon, depending on your state laws (there are some federal ones too, but they’re hazy as well).

    No, it’s not a nice way to do business, but the store manager is the one who doesn’t want to believe his own company’s website.

  28. Some people over at the deals forums have been able to use the coupon at Lowes and Home Depot. I too have been able to use two coupons there, but the manager didn’t like it. At first he said no, but he read the coupon twice and couldn’t see any reason to prohibit its use. Some stores strictly prohibit any printed coupons, so it may be a long shot.

  29. I don’t know about regular K-Mart stores, but we’ve got a couple “Sears Essentials” stores around here, which sure look like K-Marts to me! But hey, they have Craftsman tools and Kenmore appliances, so whatever. They also have cashiers back in the tool section, for whatever reason.

    The first Sears Essentials I visited didn’t have an impressive selection, but I picked out a few items and made my way to the tool department cashier. He was skeptical of the B&W coupon (I use a laser printer), but when I explained, and it scanned correctly, he accepted it and let me use a few more in separate transactions.

    The second Sears Essentials I tried, I got to late. Like, 8:35PM late. So by the time I’d made my selections, the tools cashier was already counting down his drawer, so I just went up to the general registers in front. I got a young cashier who didn’t so much as bat an eyelash at the laser-printed coupons, and since there was nobody in line behind me, he didn’t seem to mind doing separate transactions at all.

    Even before checking out, I was impressed with that store. The aisles I walked past were clean and well faced, the tools section was pretty well stocked, and the cheapie tools (the K&R crap in the cardboard bins) were impeccably organized, not scattered all over like in most stores. I saw a few tools that I didn’t even recognize from my local genuine Sears store. I’ll definitely stop in there next time I’m in the neighborhood.

    My local store, well, let’s just say they’ve ratcheted down a few notches on my list of “favorite places to dispose of disposable income”.

    I’m keeping the URL written down on a separate page in my pocket notepad, so if I get grief, or if it comes up in conversation, I can just tear off the page and hand it over. Writing it down ahead of time lets me mind my penmanship, and point out the “upper-case letter O” which I think screws a lot of people up when they try to type it in directly.

  30. For what it’s worth, Sears Essentials stores are often better stocked since they see a lot less traffic than regular Sears stores. True they sometimes have a better selection, but it depends on the type of tool.

    One of the other significant differences is that their mechanics tools aren’t behind the plexi cages found at most regular Sears stores. I think that Sears Essentials were converted from existing KMARTs.

    I was able to use a coupon at Lowes earlier on a Stanley demo driver 2 pack.

  31. Good point about the cages at Sears Essentials! I was able to find the thread gauges I was looking for, right next to the other tap and die tools (nowhere near feeler gauges as I initially assumed) without having to find someone to open the locked case like at a regular Sears. In my area, Sears Essentials stores are definitely rebranded K-Mart stores, though a couple other stores still have the original K-Mart signage. Odd.

    Anyway, using a competitor’s coupon policy to bring this good deal to other stores is just plain devious. I love it! From the bit of reading I did, it seems that acceptance of customer-printed (email, web) coupons is spotty at best, but definitely worth a try. I’m fairly sure they wouldn’t let you use a dozen in an afternoon all in separate transactions, though. 😉

  32. Zathrus says:

    I hit Sears again on Friday and spent around $30… getting ~$100 of goods (lots of sockets!).

    It appears that at least my local Sears has been updating their database about what the coupon should be valid for — as noted above, I was able to purchase the 10-in-1 screwdriver with coupon earlier this week when I couldn’t the week before. I bought the Auto-switch as well, no problems this time.

    I’ll definitely check out the Sears Essentials stores; I’d feel a little chintzy using it at Lowe’s or HD, even though they won’t be as forgiving as Sears. Plus my experience with using non-brand coupons at both stores means adding 10-15 minutes to the checkout time as the clerks desperately try to figure out how to do it.

  33. Ted says:

    Matt sez:
    “Congrats, Ted, on being -that guy- for no reason other than that the cashiers were actually doing what was necessary to help you.
    Let’s not scare Sears out of the neighborhood, all right? I can’t find some of the tools they carry anywhere else within an hour’s drive through my local megalopolis.”

    Sorry you live out in the sticks, Matt. I’ve got 10 Sears within a half-hour drive. Many folks have mentioned they’d accept multiple coupons on a single transaction, but my store did not. They accepted the coupons, decided to ring up each item separately, so chide them online if they go out of business.

    I spend plenty of money at that Sears, so it’s no skin off my tooter nor of theirs.

  34. aaron says:

    i FINALLY got a response from national customer service. they said it’s up to the individual stores whether or not they want to accept the coupon. So i guess i’m out of luck.

  35. I had a lengthy discussion with the tool manager at one of my local Sears which has been rejecting the coupons. Basically, the store manager decided not to accept the coupons any further, and must have been serious since several of the cashiers I spoke to were concerned that their jobs were in jeoardy.

    I had walked in with the intention of getting answers and to the bottom of this rather than using my coupon, and I was somewhat successful.

    They’re not being totally unreasonable. The manager said that he would accept the coupon if the customer could show on a computer that he received the coupon directly. So far, everyone that agreed to the challenge showed him links to 3rd party deals sites.

    The manager’s arguments were very creative. First he said that this was scanned in from a “Sears Book” or similar print advertisement. Then he claimed that it was a scan of an existing coupon. I showed him that the coupon was directly on the site. He said void if copied. I asked him how else to scan in a web coupon than to print it.

    We then went over the letting and it clearly shows void if transferred. One can argue that Sears transfered the coupon to the public by posting a non-unique coupon viewable to all on their website. Technically, by using the coupon without specifically being invited to do so may be voiding it under the “transfering” clause.

    The bottom line is that once a store manager decides to refuse the coupon, there’s nothing to do to fight it. Sears definitely would have pulled the coupon and put up an error message in its stead by now if they no longer wanted any stores to honor it.

  36. Zathrus says:

    “Many folks have mentioned they’d accept multiple coupons on a single transaction”

    Who said that? I certainly didn’t. Nate didn’t. Stuart didn’t. Poor aaron can’t even get his Sears to accept a single coupon. That covers most of the posts here.

    Look, their computer system wouldn’t *let* the register jockey scan the coupon more than once per transaction. It’s that simple. It’s not even possible for a manager to override that — it’s simply built into the system. (For argument’s sake, the manager *could* take $5 off each item by hand, but then he’d be bypassing the system checks on whether or not it’s a valid coupon for the item, he’d get questioned over what the heck this massive discount was, etc.).

    If you bother reading the other posts you’ll see that Nate, Stuart, myself, etc. are all doing one transaction at a time. I’ve made sure to only go to the registers when nobody else is in line, and I’ve let others go ahead while I’m in the middle of my 10 transactions. I’ve even had bored cashiers split the checkouts between their registers.

    This is the price WE pay for using this coupon like mad. Don’t like it? Don’t use the coupon, or only use it once per visit regardless of how many items you have. Don’t jerk off Sears even further by using your credit card (although, again, doing so is likely to get your card locked by the provider; and if it doesn’t, I’d _seriously_ consider switching cards since their fraud department sucks).

    As an aside — Stuart, if you carefully at the coupon it’s pretty clear that it was scanned from somewhere. It has what looks to be dried splatters from water or some other kind of liquid. But, as we’ve both noted, if they didn’t want it there, then they would’ve taken it down by now.

  37. I don’t think it was scanned in, even by Sears. Those “water splatters” are actually low resolution snowflakes. I received a Craftsman Club $5 off $5 coupon in the mail, different UPC, different expiration date, but same “winter” theme with a red background and off-white fuzzy snowflakes.

    As for using multiple coupons in a single transaction, I actually did read about it. There was a single case described in a tool/woodworking forum where the customer was allowed to use 10 coupons in a single transaction for $50 off. This was when the coupon just came out and the manager probably didn’t know what to do about it or didn’t want to deal with long lines right during the pre-christmas frenzy.

  38. Zathrus, the background image in the coupon is a bitmapped “snowflake” motif as Stuey says, but the coupon itself is not scanned. Zoom way, way in and you’ll see that the background becomes pixelated but the fonts do not. That’s because the fonts are a different layer, rendered by your PDF viewer in front of the background image. Scans don’t have multiple layers.

    Also, go to Document Properties (Ctrl-D) in your PDF viewer, and you’ll see that it was created by Illustrator CS2, with the creation timestamp and everything. Theoretically you *could* use Illustrator to save a scan as PDF, but it’s sort of an expensive elephant-gun for that. It’s more likely that someone would just save as PDF from within their scanning software, were that their goal, in which case the file would indicate that software.

    Anyway, if Sears had simply said “One coupon per customer”, or “One coupon per customer, not valid unless part of printed email”, or some such, then they’d have every right to refuse the coupon, as they’ve been doing. No customer is “transferring” the coupon to any other customer, we’re all getting it straight from Sears. I don’t think we’re in the wrong for trying to hold them to what their fine print says.

    Now, if they wanted to claim that the whole thing was a mistake, hide behind the “not responsible for typographical errors” doctrine, then they’d have a defense. But they’d have to correct the error as soon as possible, and the fact that the original PDF sits unaltered on their site tells me clearly that this is not a mistake, it’s quite deliberate, and that they’re probably enjoying the stream of customers it brings in. The fact that people tend to still buy things after being told they can’t use the coupon is just a happy side effect for their bottom line. I think it’s somewhere on the spectrum of “false advertising” and “bait and switch”, but I’m not a lawyer and don’t really have the resources to pursue that angle.

  39. It came out earlier today that Sears reported a drop in earnings for the last quarter. So there’s now no doubt as to why they issued this coupon. At this point, they’re probably much more interested in sales than they are profits. However, who knows what damage they did to their customer base with the widespread coupon rejections.

    The coupon is still hosted on Sears’ website and it’s still in their POS system, yet many managers have resorted to making up their own rules regarding whether to honor the coupon or not. It was to be expected that people would run amock with the coupon. Even when Lowes issued unique one-per-email coupons for the free screwdrivers, the system was abused and many people ended up shafted by stores’ lack of inventory.

    It would be foolish to think that Sears was clueless as to what would happen – they’re not exactly new to retail. A simple “one per customer” announcement or correction would have made most people happier. With some Sears allowing 20 coupons per visit, and others allowing none, who knows what the repercussions will be.

    I wonder just how many people recently vowed never to step foot into Sears again because of this debacle.

  40. Stuey, I was one of those “never to step foot” people, ever since my last run-in with the local store’s operations manager. However:

    The general manager (not the ops manage, with whom I’d spoken previously) of my local Sears just called me and apologized for their mishandling of the situation. He was away from the store for a while and returned to find this issue unresolved. He promises the clerks will all be informed that it’s a real coupon, and they should accept it.

    No word yet on whether the district manager who sent out the bogus “it’s fake” email will get involved. 😉

    I’ll head up this afternoon and see what happens “on the ground”.

  41. Success! I was an idiot and forgot that clearance items don’t work as padding to break the $5.00 mark, so I spent more than I should have, but I used four coupons without issue. Well, except the whole “trundle off for six minutes and find a manager to verify that one per transactions means one per transaction, not per visit” thing. But whatever.

  42. I’m glad you were finally able to use the coupon, Nate! Too bad it expires tomorrow.

    All I know is that I may have spent a bit too much $$ in all.

  43. Zathrus says:

    Oh, you’re not the only one Stuart… but it’s just so hard to stop!

    Sears promotion this week is 15% off any Craftsman tools you can fit in a grocery bag they supply. I honestly can’t think of anything I need that would fit and wouldn’t be better with this coupon — but I’m not in the market for any power tools right now.

  44. ToolFreak says:

    I wonder if this coupon still works even after expiration…

  45. 10Bet says:

    This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I have found something that helped me. Kudos!

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