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Toolmonger photo pool member J.Levine posted this sweet mod to his snowblower. He tore off the old crappy crank that positions the blower’s snow spout, and he mounted a custom rig of his own design to power the chute’s movement.

Props to you, sir, both for the cut up drill motor you used to power the chute and for having the good sense to cut up a $10 Drill Master instead of something that might be good for another project. He even posted a video of his handiwork in action.

While he’s out in the yard blowing fresh piles of powder into the neighbor’s yard, we thought he might enjoy a new pair of gloves.

Toolmonger’s Photo Pool [Flickr]


7 Responses to Glove Winner: Snow Blower Mods

  1. That’s great. On my snowblower I have to hold the lever to engage the auger with one hand and the lever to engage the wheels with the other. But as I’m driving I have to adjust the shoot which usually involves me trying to hold one lever with my elbow while cranking the chute. I really don’t want to stop, so this would make things a whole lot easier.

  2. Maffiou says:

    The link to the video is broken… it leads to a 404 on the toolmonger website…

    Pretty cool mod otherwise…

  3. Dave Vernon says:

    Video is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Jrh4ohiF8Q

    This is just inspiring! I’ve got to go pickup a cheap drill now!

  4. Ed Service says:

    During the last three snowstorms here in the Boston area (25″ so far this Dec), I was complaining to myself that it was a pain to let go of the controls so that I could reposition the snow chute. I didn’t think another thing about when I had finished the snow blowing. Congrats to the inventor.
    Not being as mechanically inclined, I wonder if the inventor could post Harbor Freight part No for the drill and a few instructions as to how to mount and wire the device. Although it’s probably obvious to most of the viewers, it’s not that obvious to me.
    Of course I’d be happy about getting an email with this info –


    Ed Service

  5. brew says:

    I did this a few years ago. I used a cheap 12v drill from lowes ($18) and a window switch from a BMW that is mounted up by the handles. Works so well I am thinking about using a better drill that has speed/torque settings.

    I wanted to use an old power window motor but my generator on the blower puts out like 7.9 volts AC?? anyway, quick and easy mod that really makes it nicer to blow snow.


  6. Jason says:

    How do we get more info on how you hook up the drill and light to use the same battery????

  7. Curtis says:

    That “old crappy crank’ for turning the chute drove me nuts also, but I replaced it with a lever:

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