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Sanyo Eneloop NIMH Rechargeable AA Batteries (8-Pack)

Rechargable batteries help the environment, but they can be a beating on your wallet.  Fortunately Circuit City is listing this 8 Pack of AA Sanyo Eneloop NiMH rechargeable batteries for $15.  And – extra bonus – if you take advantage of the mail-in offer, they’ll send you four Eneloop battery spacers, the spacers that turn your AA batteries into C and D cell batteries.

8-Pack Batteries [Eneloop]
8-Pack Eneloop [Circuit City]
Mail-in Offer [Eneloop]
Street Pricing [Google Product]


9 Responses to Dealmonger: 8-Pack Eneloop Rechargable Batteries $15

  1. Has anybody used these. These are the NiMH batteries that don’t loose thier charge in less than a month like normal NiMH. They actually sell these charged, so you can take them out of the package and use them.

    Everybody is alway on their high horse on how you should use rechargeable batteries, but I have had so many experiences where I go to grab the thing with rechargeable batteries and find they are dead. I’ve gone back to buying primary cells by the bucketful at Costco.

    When I first heard about the eneloop batteries I was excited, but the fact that they’re hard to find and not beating the pants off other rechargeable batteries makes me wonder if they are any good or not. Or do people just accept the shortcomings of NiMH.

  2. Curtis says:

    I use them (bought two of the multi-packs from Costco that came with a charger) and they work just fine. I especially like the adapters to turn them into C and D-cell sizes since I have things like flashlights that I use in-frequently but require those cells, my experience with the adapters has been positive as well.

    — C

  3. John says:

    These are great for remotes and slow drain devices. Heck, I even use them in flash guns for photography. I can charge them and expect them to still have a high percentage of power even months after the charge. I do have regular high mAh AA’s for my flash guns normally, but when I need to grab the bag and go, these work great.

  4. I’ve got these – I haven’t used them extensively as I’ve only had to recharge the a few times (they are in my daughter’s toys) From my research though, the critical piece of using rechargeable’s effectively is in having a good charger that won’t overcharge your batteries and that will condition them properly when they need it.

    I spent a few bucks on a MAHA MH-C808M charger from Thomas-Distributing after rave reviews. http://www.thomas-distributing.com/maha-mh-c808m-battery-charger.htm
    $90. It can actually recharge/condition nearly any common size except 9v.

    I’ll be jumping on this deal – with two three TiVos (and another on the way), two TVs, 3 Set top boxes, a DVD player, and a VCR – I’ve got enough remotes to keep Sanyo in the battery business. That’s not including a near-year old daughter with a thirst for singing and dancing stuffed toys.

  5. Also, looks like the Circuit City Deal is for Brick and Mortar pickup only.
    But you can get an 8 pack from Amazon for the same price:

  6. Gordon says:

    I’ve been really happy with Eneloops, so much so that my household uses them almost exclusively. They’re great in my kid’s toys (wish they made 9v and coin cells), I haven’t had a cell die yet, and they’ve shown to be fairly robust in high-load applications (pleasant surprise). The C adapters you can get via the mail-in offer or the Costco packs are handy. The D adapters, are OK, but won’t work in all applications (Maglites, for example) without a little tinkering. I generally opt for 4AA->D parallel adapters instead.

    My only gripe is the AA Eneloops are on the fat side, and they’ve been too wide for a couple applications.

  7. Another happy Eneloop user here. They’re GREAT for high current devices (flashes, etc) because while they don’t have the largest capacity, they can put out a lotta amperage when you need it. Small tank, big hose. I’ve used a lot of brands, but anymore these are the only rechargeables I’d buy. VERY good stuff.

    Before these, I’d pick up a flash unit and spare batteries that hadn’t been used in a couple of months and it’d be dead. Before any sort of event, I’d have to spend a day or two charging up all my batteries. Now I’m ready to rock and roll without topping off my batteries before I leave the house.

  8. Linh says:

    I bought the Costco pack of Eneloops for the spacers since you can have 4 “Ds” or 4 “Cs” converted from the “AA” batteries in a snap. You can use a copper penny to extend the contact surface against the flat end of “AA” batteries or spacers. Now I don’t have to go out and buy expensive “C” or “D” batteries for the few items that may require them.

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