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The Saw Jaw

Ever nicked your hand changing the blade in your table saw? The Saw-Jaw may be just the safety accessory for you. Changing a table saw blade involves using wrenches around a sharp blade — one slip and either you put a wrench into the brittle carbide teeth or, worse, your hand. Even though the blade isn’t spinning, it can still do a number on unprotected flesh. The Saw-Jaw encloses and protects the blade (and your hands) so you can complete the job safely.

Made in the USA from a sturdy yet flexible plastic, the adjustable Saw-Jaw acommodates most 10 inch sharpened blades. It completely encloses the circumference of the blade, and securely holds the blade for transport and storage. If you decide to store your blade in the Saw-Jaw, the blank area on the back side has an area for for labeling your blades.

Before you go buy one for every blade in your shop, check to make sure it works on your saw. It does work with most contractor and cabinet saws, but only some bench table saws, radial arm saws, and miter saws. Right now, Rockler is discounting the Saw Jaw to $10. Normally it runs anywhere from $14 to $17. Even discounted, the Saw-Jaw seems a little expensive for storing blades, but it’s not a bad deal for a tool that helps you safely change blades without a trip to the first aid station.

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5 Responses to Change Blades Safely With The Saw-Jaw

  1. FYI, Rockler’s free shipping code U8101 still works and should remain valid until Dec. 31st!

  2. Andrew C says:

    I think I changed my table saw blade twice before I figured out that I needed to put on a cheap pair of gloves when I change blades. Now I keep a pair near my table saw, which is also handy when handling rough edges on plywood.

  3. LoneRider says:

    I got one, gadget of the week, in the deal or dud, it is much closer to a dud in my opinion. I’ve used it twice, the extra diameter and thickness made it a lot more awkward to get off the arbor of my Unisaw.

    It might work well on other table saws, but if you have a Unisaw, don’t waste your money.


  4. Brau says:

    Never had a problem removing a blade that a well placed pair of vice grips didn’t solve. Multi-purpose and easier to store too.

  5. Brad Justinen says:

    Another “girly man” tool

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