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Looking for an easy “starter set” gift for relatives who’re just starting to get their hands dirty? Stanley’s making it easy by combining their products into quite functional tool kits. Pictured above, for example, is their FatMax Xtreme kit, which includes a 25′ tape, a marker, a utility knife, a rip claw hammer, a box beam level, a chalk box, a FuBar, a demolition driver set, and an auto trigger clamp — all in a handy open-mouth tool bag — for $250. Other sets range lower and higher in price.

They also offer a ton of other kits, including a DIYers kit, a “Gadget Guru” kit, an auto enthusiast’s set, two woodworker’s sets, and a “Do-It-Herself” kit. And kudos to Stanley for offering a women’s kit that’s not chock full of cheap pink crap! The “DIH” kit includes real tools like a 16′ tape rule, a multi-purpose saw, pliers, and a stud sensor — plus lots of crafting items, like a hot glue gun, staple gun, and a snap-off knife.

All in all, Stanley’s offering eleven different kits — each worth a look this holiday season. We had a little trouble finding them locally or via Google Products, but if you click the “Buy Online” button on any of the Stanley pages, they’ve helpfully set up links to online distributors who have ’em in stock.

Tool Sets For All Occasions [Stanley Tools]
FatMax Xtreme Tool Set (Pictured) [Stanley Tools]


4 Responses to Stanley’s New Tool Sets: Holiday Gifts In A Bag

  1. I gave up trying to find these sets online a few weeks ago. It seems that there is only one online distributor – Finlay, a printing shop in Connecticut.

    Still, the sets look well configured, and there are plenty of disciplinie oriented sets to choose from.

  2. rbb says:

    My six year old daughter would be insulted by the “Do-It-Herself” kit. She wants real tools, like dad’s.

    She has always been interested in helping me out and taking things apart. One day, I was heading out to Sears and I asked her if she wanted anything. She said “screwdrivers.” So, I got her one of the big Craftsman assortment and a case. I figured if she wasn’t serious, I could use them.

    Well, she was serious. And now she has half the Craftsman catalog on her Christmas list. 😉

  3. Bill says:

    rbb, that is terriffic, you must be very proud, I have a 5 year old son and a 4 year old daughter, and my son is already starting his tool collection (mostly “acquired” from mine) and I think it would be great if my daughter followed his lead. Unfortunately she is such a girlie girl she’ll probably want them in “shudder” pink. Keep her at it and have fun.

  4. Old Donn says:

    This stuff’s kinda high end for a starter set, (that’s why Harbor Freight’s in business.). More like a starter/finisher set. Stanley stuff will last as long as you need it. These sets are a little pricey, but well worth it.

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