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If you’re looking to purchase a new corded drill, you NEED to take a look at Milwaukee’s venerable Magnum 0234-6. Although Milwaukee packs 8.0A of power into their newer lineup of 1/2″ drills, this model only sports 5.5 amps of oomf. However, this is an old-school model — a proven workhorse, and preferred by many over all other corded drills.

In a nutshell, the 0234-6 has a heavy-duty, industrial 1/2″ chuck, a side handle, an 8′ detachable cord (a.k.a. Quik-Lok), and a 5.5A motor that demands respect and spins at 0 – 850 RPM. It weighs 4.8 lbs, and it doesn’t come with a case.

The best bit: Amazon is currently offering this drill for $94 with free standard shipping (as opposed to slow as heck super-saver shipping). Big box retailers stopped carrying this drill a while ago, and while it is still available at various online vendors, rumor has it that the 0234-6’s will soon become even scarcer. With an average street price of $130+ and dwindling availability, hesitation is your enemy.

Magnum 0234-6 [Milwaukee]
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Via Amazon [What’s this?]


3 Responses to Dealmonger: Milwaukee’s 5.5A Corded Drill For $94

  1. Wheels17 says:

    I’ve had the 3/8″ version of this drill for close to 20 years. The real thing that I notice when I use other drills(other than the sheer power of this drill) is how smoothly the Milwaukee still runs. No vibration, no gear scream, and incredibly durable.

    Now, can I justify a 1/2″ one too?? My brother did loose my sears 1/2″…..

  2. Fred B says:

    I have one of these, it handles great, like that at runs at low RPM’s (try and find a low RPM drill at the BORG) for hole saws, and such.

  3. Fred, 0-850 RPM seems to be a common speed for 1/2″ drills. Both Ridgid and Hitachi’s basic corded 1/2″ offerings feature this speed, so it’s not a Magnum-exclusive feature.

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