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DeWalt calls these Excavators “soft toe smooth sole Wellington boots,” but where I grew up in Texas we called any large, round-toed boots farmer boots. (You know — to distinguish ’em from the pointed-toed boots worn by I-came-here-to-do-two-things-drink-some-beer-and-kick-some-ass ranch hands.) Still, they look pretty comfortable. One thing I don’t get, though: can a boot offer both “high abrasion resistance” and “high oil and slip resistance” at the same time?

The name seems to imply that they’re meant for demolition work, but that doesn’t make sense to me, either. Then again, maybe I’m just clueless as to why you’d want to work in smooth-sole boots. If you understand this product, let me know in comments!

Note: This is a apparently a really new product and pricing isn’t available yet.

Excavator Boots [DeWalt]


4 Responses to New Farmer Boots From DeWalt

  1. Bill says:

    In this part of Texas “farmer boots” are known as ropers.

  2. DLone says:

    I can’t say that I understand the product, but I don’t have a problem with ‘“high abrasion resistance” and “high oil and slip resistance” at the same time.’ I infer that “abrasion resistance” refers to the uppers while “slip resistance” refers to the sole.

  3. Patrick says:

    Got a pair of Ariats that look similar, with rubber-tread soles that I use for ass-kicking, motorcycling and work boots. Love’m.

  4. Old Donn says:

    I’d like to know who makes these for DeWalt. I’m partial to Wolverine boots. These would have to go some to change my mind.

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