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Though he wasn’t exactly clear what was damaged (or unsatisfactory) in the first place, we thought we’d toss a pair of gloves Karl Palutke’s way for having the guts to tear into his slightly-older iPod with nothing but hand tools and hope — and post the photos to Toolmonger’s photo pool.

Hopefully the project ended as well as it started. And Karl, if you have a moment, why not stop by and fill us in on the details in comments?

Toolmonger’s Photo Pool [Flickr]


5 Responses to Glove Winner: DIY iPod Repair And Upgrade

  1. Karl Palutke says:

    The ipod in question was accidentally dropped into a bucket of buffer solution. Upon retrieval, solution literally poured from the headphone jack and the power connector. The ipod was DOA.

    I disassembled it, and cleaned all of the individual pieces with isopropyl alcohol, then let them dry for a couple days under a heat lamp to try to get all of the moisture to evaporate. After reassembly, the ipod worked when connected to external power, but the battery was ruined. I purchased a battery on-line, and swapped with the original. After replacement, the ipod functioned normally. At least until the hard drive died a few months later.

  2. Karl Palutke says:

    Some of the solution is visible on the right-hand half of the shell in the picture.

  3. ScaryFast says:

    Awwww, you mean to tell me that I might have won some gloves if I had documented my Blackberry LCD replacement earlier this week?

    I was joking around with my boss and asked when I was getting a Blackberry, so he rummaged around and found a new, but broken BB whose backlight was dead. I looked around and found another dead BB that had a good screen, cracked them open (not literally, I had to go out and buy a precision screwdriver set), and swapped screens and the case (the other one had fewer dings and scratches that the one I received)

    oh well, I’ll have to remember that next time.

  4. noname says:

    i recently replaced my ipod battery too. It worked fine for a while afterwards but now I think the hard drive is just about gone because it is acting very flaky. It might make more sense to just buy a new ipod than go down the path of replacing the battery. It seems like by the time the battery goes south the hard drive isn’t far behind.

  5. GRS says:

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