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Collecting old tools can be as simple as picking through garage sales looking for old treasure. But if the items you’re trolling for are a bit more obscure (or like us you’re too lazy to roll out at oh-dark-thirty to beat the fogey crowd), check out oldtools.co.uk. You won’t find 2-for-a-dollar garage sale deals there, but you might find that one-of-a-kind ebony-handled 50-year-old driver you’ve been seeking — right from your cozy easy chair.

Is this the eBay of old tools? Hell, no. But then again even eBay isn’t the eBay of old tools. Old tools in good condition are rare. Our advice: when you find one you really want, go get it — whether you find it online or in a junk pile. 

oldtools.co.uk [Website]


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  1. Frank Townend says:

    Nice things for sure. If only the Pound was like the Canadian Dollar… whoops too late for than now.

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