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Wall O' Maglites

A member of Candlepower Forums (at www.candlepowerforums.com) who calls himself sizzlechest has an awesome collection of Mini-Mag Maglites, which he shared online. His collection contains everything from run-of-the-mill units to custom-milled and wooden versions made by other forum members. Wow!

It’s nice to see a collection like this. The guy obviously is fond of these flashlights and manages to display them without being too, shall we say, redneck-y about it. But his photo got me wondering what all you Toolmongers collect. Flashlights? Pocket knives? Nuts and bolts? If you’ve got a cool collection post it to the photo pool or tell us about it in comments.

Sizzlechest’s Post [www.candlepowerforums.com]
Start Your Own Collection [www.maglite.com]


9 Responses to Wall O’ Maglites: What Do You Collect?

  1. mike d says:

    That is either the wall of a single man or of a room a wife never goes into.

  2. Ken says:

    what the hell do you mean to readnecky.Ain’t nothin wrong with being a redneck.

  3. PeterP says:

    Lately, I seem to be collecting half finished projects…

  4. KevinB says:

    the frames add a nice personal touch.

  5. PutnamEco says:

    I wish Toolmongers would be more into “super” flashlights/spotlights like Maxabeams,Megabeams and Surefires rather than Maglights,Everreadys and cheap LEDs.
    Check out Surefires Beast-ll light.

    I collect, classic Japanese motorcycles, (mainly XS650s, early CB750s, and late KZs 650+1000s
    with a few small 2 strokes thrown in, RDs, DTs, H1s )
    Tools, (Wescott wrenches, Multi tools and by default, Milwaukee tools, they don’t ever die,)
    Compasses, (vintage Silva, Leupold forestrys, etc)

  6. Yuppers says:

    candlepowerforums.com is awesome place for all you flashaholics out there.

  7. brodie says:

    flashlights, huh….. i though vibrators.
    more fun anyway.

  8. LC1234 says:

    I think it’s pretty cool. It’s different. I’d prefer to look at a wall of interesting flashlights than of Precious Moments figures or whatever those ugly bug-eyed statues are called, or of a wall of department store “art.” But then, I collect AOL disks, so what do I know. LOL

  9. malckom says:

    omg lol “i collect aol disks” i know its a old post that was freaking hilarious. But i think we all did that at the time. AOL has long gone but we still have the disk every once in awhile we slip one in hoping for a month of free old high speed dial up 56k for the win!

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