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Black & Decker 18-Volt Cordless Chainsaw #CCS818

If you’re in the market for a chainsaw this season — they’re great for chopping up the Christmas tree in January so the local trash guys’ll pick it up — you might want to check out Amazon’s current $80 deal on this Black & Decker cordless — with free shipping.

This light-weight (just 6.2 pounds) saw is powered by an 18V NiCd battery which will net you around 150 1-1/2″ diameter cuts per charge. It also features an eight-inch cutting bar, which yields a seven-inch cutting diameter, plus hassle-free on-board blade oiling, a wrap-around handle for multiple gripping positions, and a lock-off switch to prevent accidental start-ups.

You also get a blade cover and a two-year warranty.

Via Amazon [What’s this?]
CCS818 Cordless Chainsaw [Black & Decker]
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7 Responses to Dealmonger: A Black & Decker Cordless Chainsaw For $80

  1. Terry Kane says:

    I’ve got a more powerful cordless – It uses unleaded gas and make a lot of noise 😉

  2. Jim K. says:

    Anyone actually used one of these. I can’t think it’d be powerful enough to be really useful, but then again… Of course the B&D brand makes me a bit suspicious. IMHO they’ve been putting out a bunch of inferior gadgets lately rather than useful tools.

  3. WardenStreets says:

    I can’t speak for the chainsaw, but I bought a B&D cordless combo pack a couple years ago, and the recip saw was absolutely miserable, same with the mini circ. Both burned through batteries at an amazing rate. A fully charged, nearly new battery would only get a few cuts before it would be dead. Both were good only for the occasional, short cut, when convenience was above all else. Otherwise, buy a cheap corded model for any serious project. I think you’ll be more pleased with a Harbor Freight tool, even if it breaks after a year, than investing in one of these tools that chews through batteries.

  4. PutnamEco says:

    Makita makes one also, not vouching for its quality. I think I would be more inclined to chuck up an aggressive wood cutting blade in my sawzall, if I was making couple of quick cuts than think about a cordless chainsaw. For any real work your going to need a real saw.

    Makitas saw.


  5. Matthew says:

    I was actually thinking about picking up the Ryobi One+ version of rechargable chain saws. I am thinking that in combination with the new lithium-ion batteries (which cross my fingers, I will get for Christmas), it will be acceptable for my around the (fairly small) yard duties it will be acceptable. Has anyone out there used any rechargable chain saws? The Ryobi has a 10″ cutting bar, which is more than enough for anything I would want to do… The Ryobi was 59.99 at the HomeDepot when I was looking, though obviously, that doesn’t include the batteries or charger (which I already have).

  6. Matthew says:

    Of course, now that I think of it and look around the One+ website, I might should just get the pole pruner. With a 5″ blade, that might be preferable for various tree trimming. Any comments on the pole pruner vs. the chain saw for a new home owner like me? I have loved the One+ line, although I have now burned through 4 of the NiMH 18V batteries. (That’s why I am looking forward to the Li-Ion.)

  7. Jason says:

    I’ve got the Ryobi One+ and it’s fine for around the yard work, although it’ll eat batteries on bigger jobs.

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