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hot-or-not4.jpgQuad Saw/Driver

Everyone loves a quality combo tool. But here’s a combination tool that I don’t quite understand: a multi-driver/saw blade holder. I can’t think of a job for which I’ve ever needed just a saw and a screwdriver without also requiring a box full of tools. Also, I’m not exactly how they get four (“Quad”) tools out of this device. I only recognize two: a multipurpose blade holder, and a multibit screwdriver.

I do like the fact that its handle locks into both straight and pistol grip positions. At one end of the handle there’s a quick-change locking chuck that holds standard recip saw blades, and there’s a magnetic bit holder. The cap at the other end holds seven insert bits inside the handle. All the blades, the magnetic bit holder, and the handle fit into the handy carrying case.

Lets tally the included pieces: three reciprocating saw blades (drywall, metal, wood), seven insert bits, a 1/4” socket adapter, a 4” magnetic insert bit holder, dual position locking handle, and travel holster with belt clip. That’s 14 pieces if you include the holster. All this can be yours for $17.

But is this multi-tool something you’d use, or is it just another poorly thought out marketing gimmick? Let us know in comments.

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6 Responses to Hot or Not? The Quad Saw/Driver

  1. Eric says:

    I, for one, use this quite frequently. I think the “quad” comes from the 2 positions of the handle, along with the 2 inserts (bit holder and saw blade). Anyway, I keep this IN my traveling toolbox and find it comes in quite handy when I am working on small projects at other people’s houses, especially when I just need to make a quick cut, such as when a plumbing fix arises and I need to cut a piece of PVC pipe, but not enough to justify hauling out the power Sawzall. I’ve also used the saw portion for quick cuts in metal, notching out a piece of trim, and a quick prune of a tree branch. As blade-holders go, this is very useful (the 2-position handle and quick-release chuck make it so). I also like the angled handle when using the screwdriver bits, as it gives me a little more torque.

  2. Lee Gibson says:

    I have one. It’s handy. And I got it a little cheaper at Rockler a couple years ago.

  3. Koba says:

    HOT, I bought mine off ebay, new in packaging for seven dollars shipped. The only thing I dislike about it is that the blade wobbles just a bit up and down. It works for the occasional use I put it through. If you need a tool like this to use every day, try the milwaukee job saw.

  4. Brau says:

    I can see that one of these would be great for that emergency toolkit, but for everyday work I find these multi-purpose gadgets only slow me down as I have to fidget with all the bits and attachments. I much prefer a toolbelt with designated tools that you can just grab when you need them.

  5. Ray says:

    I had one of these, and it didn’t last long. While using the saw, the chuck fell right apart. I swore I would put it back together and give it another chance, but I never got around to it, and have since lost the parts. For my purposes however, the concept was perfect- I often need a screwdriver or a hand saw, but as a professional carpenter, I want to keep my tool bags lite while carrying everything I need. A tool that will replace two rather bulky items is a welcome addition.

  6. kyle says:

    i dont like it the chuck usually has to be tightened withpliers to hold well and the handle can be uncomfortable to use for extended period and i dont like it so much I have no idea where it is

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