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SK recenly introduced a new ergonomic Tri-molded series screwdriver line which features an anti-slip design plus a soft grip area for extra comfort. And though it’s only mentioned way down on the feature list in the SK press release, we like the fact that the drivers are color coded on the top by size and type. We also like the permanent laser etching on the blade that provides code, symbol, and dimension.

The handle is not quite round, instead offering three distinct sides for good gripping power.

Though they do look quite sharp, don’t burn rubber in your work truck to get one at the local big box. They’re not fully stocked yet, but should appear on shelves over the next month or so.

Street pricing starts at around $45 for a 7-piece set.

Tri-molded Series screwdriver [SK Hand Tools]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


2 Responses to Preview: New Ergonomic Drivers From SK

  1. Old Donn says:

    Seems like everybody and their brother is making designer screwdrivers these days, no surprise SK joined the parade. The pretty handles won’t stay that way long around the shop/garage and I’m not convinced they turn screws any better than old school wood or plastic handled tools. Oh yeah, according to the SK website, they’re a little higher than $45. More like $65 for the 5 piece and $117 for the 13 piece. That’s getting up into Snap-on stratosphere. SK’s not that good.

  2. Harry says:

    You can see them listed online for alot less than the SK website. I ordered a five piece set just to see what they’re like. However, the vendor I ordered from said they were out of stock until mid January. I would like to know if they’re made in France like the SK sure grip models or if these come from Germany. SK has always been a source for durable mid priced tools. They’re like like other tools, you need to shop around for the best deal and everything breaks eventually.

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