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Recent talk of cable ties and velcro gripping straps around the Toolmonger offices makes me think it’s a good time to share my favorite source of cable management tools and supplies: CableOrganizer.com. Appropriatly named, CableOrganizer carries a wide variety of cable and wire management products — as well as a nice selection of Klein tools and other specialty items.

There are only a handful of retailers that I recommend without hesitation, and CableOrganizer.com is one such site. Their product selection and prices are decent, and their shipping times are rather impressive for such a small company.

Generally speaking, an online vendor — or any retailer for that matter — only shows its true colors when something goes wrong with a purchase; the way a customer service department handles problems can elevate (or tarnish) the company’s reputation in an instant. That said, Cable Organizer’s customer service department is among the best that I’ve ever experienced.

When there was a problem with one of my first orders, and I sent a polite email to CableOrganizer expressing my disapointment. Based on the kind voicemail they left me, the few emails sent back and forth, and a rather friendly phone conversation, CableOrganizer gained a returning customer — and shipped a substitute item out to me immediately. From my experience, I gathered that Cable Organizer is truly consumer oriented and will strive to satisfy even small-time and first-time customers.

And while you’re checking out the site, keep an eye out for their occasional discounts on Klein hand tools and tool sets.  Below are links to some of the products I frequently order.

CableOrganizer [Home Site]
Techflex PET Sleeving [CableOrganizer]
Techflex PET Sleeving [Techflex]
Heavy Duty Cinch Strap [CableOrganizer]
heavy Duty Cinch Strap [Rip-Tie]


5 Responses to Material Source: CableOrganizer.Com

  1. Frank Townend says:

    I totally agree Stuart. Great company, great prices and selection, very good to deal with. Nice post!

  2. Dan says:

    I decided to order a few items from CableOrganizer.com based on the recommendation of this website. In my opinion it was a large mistake. The order was nothing special – a few hand-tools, some patch cords and some cable-management items. I recently received a partial order with no communication regarding the status of the remainder of my order. I emailed their customer service department and was given additional tracking information. The tracking info stated that delivery would be made in Jacksonville, Florida the following day. I live outside of Chicago, Illinois. I wrote back to their customer service department to try to straighten this mess out and I am still waiting for a response. I cannot, in good faith, recommend this company to anyone, nor will I ever order from them again. It’s been nothing but a big headache.

  3. Dan, I sincerely apologize for your negative experience with us. A customer service representative will contact you shortly to alleviate the problem you have had with your order. Again, I apologize for the major inconvenience of not receiving your shipment promptly.

  4. Dan says:

    Juan was not kidding. CableOrganizer contacted me immediately and discovered the shipping error. I do appreciate the quick effort to resolve my problem. Their communication and extra effort has caused me to re-think my initial observation of their service. Even in this day and age mistakes do happen. I believe that CableOrganizer.com deserves a more fair judgement than my initial one. Not too many companies would immediately step up and try to resolve the problem so quickly with immediate attention and communication. My apologies for the quick rush to what turned out to be an unfair judgement; and thanks for the effort to make it right.

  5. Dan says:

    UPDATE: Shaun at CableOrganizer.com called to inform me that the remainder of my order will be shipped to me overnight. He also explained the error and apologized. I truly believe that the original snafu is not indicative of how CableOrganizer operates.

    The rapid communication and correction of the problem clearly tells me that this company appreciates my business.

    Please -flat out- disregard my original post. This is a solid company with a great customer service department. I will gladly recommend them and do business with them in the future.

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