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Ice Dozer Plus

Embraced by winters frigid grip with crystals of ice adorning your windshield and you can’t find your scraper again? Try the Ice Dozer Plus. Besides the wicked-cool name, the ‘Dozer sports several unique features that make it better than your cheap gas station scraper.

Its most unique is the “carbide style tenderizers.” You tap them sharply downward to create hairline fractures in the ice on your windshield. This action along with the “flexiblade” that bends with the curvature of the windshield allows you to clear larger sections easier than you can with a normal scraper. The forward facing “snow plow” easily bulldozes the remaining snow and ice away.

The detachable Pocket Dozer lets you clear hard to scrape areas like side mirrors. And to remove ice buildup on your wiper blades, you can slip them through the Pocket Dozer’s built in Ice Notch tool.

The Innovation Factory proudly manufactures the Ice Dozer Plus in the USA and backs their product with a lifetime warranty. Available directly from Innovation Factory’s website or retailers like Amazon, you’ll have to part with an Andrew Jackson to purchase the Ice Dozer Plus, but he wasn’t stiff enough to scrape your windshield anyway — like his roommate Visa.

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3 Responses to Bulldoze Ice and Snow From Your Windshield

  1. I would think a better way to get Ice and snow off of your window is to keep it from getting their in the first place with a product like http://www.jnkproducts.com/metroproducts-iceandsnoweliminator.htm

    Scrape No More! Get the Ice & Snow Eliminator and let its patented design make your life a little simpler this winter. Just place this lightweight, but durable, blanket over your windshield to protect it from all the winter elements – snow, ice and frost. No more wasted time in dealing with the winter weather, because this revolutionary windshield cover will pay for itself just by reducing your stress level. It works every time and has a one year warranty on material and construction. Why not save yourself the time and hassle by ordering one today?

    The ELIMINATOR is a patented design that is made of a rugged 3/16″ open cell neoprene that is lightweight, flexible, water resistant and convenient to use. The ELIMINATOR is designed to provide the maximum viewable windshield area without being too large and cumbersome, so it is convenient to use. And, it comes with a one year limited warranty

  2. KevinB says:

    a good ol’ mortar chisel will take that ice right off

  3. Where can I get one of these from I think its a great product. I hate to clean off customers cars in the snow and I think this would be excellent to have and use in my business.

    Larry Diesbach

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