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Hawk Vertical Clamping System

Hawk Woodworking Tool’s vertical clamping system allows you to glue up panels in place, saving shop space and keeping work benches clear. And it mounts on the shop wall, extending out less than a foot. You just need to find at least four feet on clear wall space to mount the system.

To use the vertical clamping system, just flip the stop to the horizontal position so the unclamped pieces will stay on the jig. Then glue your pieces together right on the system, tightening the clamps when you’re finished. Finally, flip the stop into the vertical position, to let the panel dry against the wall out of the way.

The vertical clamping system is available for $120 direct from the factory. Included in the kit is a 48″ guide track with four sliding clamp pivots, four heavy duty cast clamp heads and tails, and two flip-stop mounting brackets. You’ll need to purchase the pipe, t-fittings, and wood separately from your local big box.

Vertical Clamping System [Manufacturer]


10 Responses to Save Space With Hawk’s Vertical Clamping System

  1. SuperJdynamite says:

    While you’re at the store buying the pipe and t-fittings, why not buy some conduit straps and then return the no-longer-necessary $200 vertical clamping system?

  2. Gordon says:

    The website says $119…

    • Adam Medley says:

      You forgot to add in the shipping which I’m sure is over half profit for them, else they need to find a better way to ship.

  3. Ray says:

    Super JD that is what I was thinking. It is a good idea but seems easy to fabricate yourself.

  4. Gordon, you’re right on the price — that’s a mighty big rounding error. That’ll hopefully be fixed in a while.

    Ray and SuperJdynamite, personally I would probably make one myself if I had any wall space or a need for it. I thought it was a pretty cool idea and wanted to give credit where credit is due.

    Those who want to buy one can. If the post inspired you to make one of your own that’s cool also.

  5. Yuppers says:

    They guy is too clean to be working in his shop. What’s up with the combed hair and tucked in shirt? I bet he just got back from getting a manicure 😉

  6. Terry says:

    I would do the camps on a pipe hanging horizontal so you can adjust the clamps from left to right just by sliding them.

    • Wayne Mullis says:

      If you did that you would have to rig up something to hold the boards in place while you got them all in place and aligned, then tighten down the clamps. I’m just thinking out load here…

  7. Jean-Pierre says:

    Système ingénieux et qui ne prend pas de place.


    Clever system and which does not take up space.

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