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Our friend Mike over at Popular Science lives in Manhattan, which means he doesn’t keep a car. And though he’s managed to jam a workbench in his micro-kitchen, getting wood from the ‘Depot back to the apartment is, um, a challenge. (Imagine renting a ‘Depot truck, loading it up, driving it through downtown Gotham, unloading it, and returning it. This isn’t just a hassle. It’s an ordeal.)

Recently he’s heard of internetlumber.com and is thinking about giving it a try, but asked us if we’d pass a question on to you: have you used internetlumber.com (or others like it) and had a positive experience? Or have you found other alternatives for small-scale lumber delivery?

Internetlumber.com [Corporate Site]


2 Responses to Reader Question: Is Internetlumber.com Worth A Damn?

  1. KevinB says:

    I drive a small Saturn and do home improvement projects for people all the time, I to am always faced with the question “how am I getting this stuff back to the home?” I agree, renting a truck from the big box stores and loading it up is beyond a pain in the can, and has to border on insanity in NYC. I’ve ordered flooring from ifloor and was happy, a lumber company like this would be a good option for someone like me. Buying from the smaller local guys is usually the best option, they provide the best service and carry better lumber than the big box stores, but if I was doing something in a more metro area, this looks like a very nice option. The only issue is, I like to check the wood before I purchase it, and I imagine returning it would be a hassle.

  2. SuperJdynamite says:

    Much like the Peapod people often deliver less-than-desirable produce I think there’s a disadvantage to not being able to pre-purchase fondle goods that have natural differences in quality from piece to piece.

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