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Looking for some holiday project inspiration? Check out TM reader and photo pool member Schnaars’ home-made piano bench. From Flickr comments: “A few months ago, we inherited a piano. Unfortunately, it dodn’t come with a bench. Last weekend, I finally finished it.”

It looks great –a nice match for the piano. And congrats on making the piano usable for you and your family. My family had one when I was a kid, and it was a great influence on me.

For taking the time to share — and because we love that he took the time to build a nice, matching wood bench for his family — we’ll send Schnaars a pair of work gloves.

Toolmonger’s Photo Pool [Flickr]


One Response to Glove Winner: A DIY Piano Bench

  1. Scott says:

    Thanks guys. Looking forward to getting the gloves.

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