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Black & Decker ISD600QVC Power Driver 6-Volt Impact Screwdriver

Add this one to your holiday list: Amazon is selling this Black & Decker 6-Volt impact screwdriver for $30 — with free shipping.  The impact driver provides 315-inch/pounds of torque and turns at 2100 RPM powered by a 6-volt NiMH battery. It features a quick-connect chuck and comes with eleven accesories and a wall-mountable charging station.

Via Amazon [What’s this?] 


5 Responses to Dealmonger: A Black & Decker 6-Volt Impact Screwdriver For $30

  1. Joe says:

    Friends don’t let friends buy tools with built-in batteries.

  2. Joe, there are many excellent tools which have built-in batteries. Take the Dremel Stylus and Driver, for example.

    Built-in batteries allow for a lower cost and in some cases easier manufacture and a more compact package.

  3. Nordmann says:

    On a $30 tool no one would replace the battery over $10.

  4. hertz says:

    an old-fashioned impact driver, driven by one or two hammer blows, is probably a lot more effective (and cheaper) for busting loose any super-tight stubborn screws you may have. no battery needed. Sears sells their Craftsman impact driver for 20 bucks.

    Plus, you get the lifetime guarantee.

  5. davis says:

    where do you see $30 on the Amazon website it shows a cost of $49. Maybe my eyes are finally gone or I found the wrong website.

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